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    Immigration police nab American, Thai wife for visa forgery, cannabis

    Immigration police yesterday announced the arrest of an American, and his Thai wife for allegedly forging visas and other government documents, as well as growing cannabis, at their home. 31 year old Chad Vincent Scira, and his 34 year old Thai wife Grace Scira, were apprehended at their Bangkok home.

    “The suspects established a company called Thai Visa Centre, offering a visa-forging service for foreigners and advertising via the Internet. We tracked down their operation to a house in Soi Seri Thai 73 in Bangkok’s Khannayao district. At the house officials found several forged documents and 55 rubber stamps with the seals of different Thai government departments.”

    “On the second floor of the house officials also found 60 cannabis plants being grown organically, 99 grams of dried cannabis, a cannabis oil extractor, a vacuum sealer, a scale and several items to take cannabis. The suspects said they grew the plants for personal consumption, but the evidence suggests they did it for sale. Police charged them with manufacturing a narcotic substance.”

    A preliminary investigation showed the couple bought the house 3 years ago and allegedly began carrying out their visa-forging business and growing cannabis. Police are investigating their money trail for possible involvement in a drug cartel.

    Immigration police nab American, Thai wife for visa forgery, cannabis | The Thaiger

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    I’ve been in touch with Grace in the past but never used them in the end. I k ow a lot of people who do tho.

    They have no issues with 90 day reporting so the visas must be registered with an official then they stamp them themselves for convenience.

    She’ll not be replying to emails for a while...
    Lang may yer lum reek...

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    There's a Swiss organisation/group that provide visas for cash. A guy turned up in our village a few years back. He'd hooked up with a local girl who was doing massage in Switzerland.
    Anyway he rocked up and was absolutely painful. He'd come to me with letters to translate as he had no language other than Swiss/Deutsche. He also didn't believe in computers.
    After a month or so he came to ask me to send a letter to a group that helped out Swiss nationals.

    After a week or so he proudly rocked up with a 1 year visa which had cost him Bht15,000 and could be renewed whenever he wanted. He made it clear I could use the system if he backed me.
    We had a bit of a fall out and he disappeared. I'll not forget the assurance and confidence he had in his Swiss immigration underground. He was a right little twat to be honest.

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    most immigration offices will have one or more officials who are only too happy, for a suitable fee, to renew, extend and otherwise authorise visas, bank accounts and documents for foreigners who are unable to comply with the regulations and requirements as laid down by law. they operate through a network of "agents" attached to local lawyers offices, travel agents and the immigration offices themselves.

    the silly american and his bint had gone rogue, were working outside the "official" parameters of what is acceptable when it comes to immigration corruption and paybacks and now find themselves in trouble. the ganja wont help their cause either.

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    The Nation/Thai Visas take on it - below.

    "Forgery" "Fake" "preliminary investigation" "fake visas" "fake documents" "fake rubber stamps" - certain there are quite a few folk that aren't going to be sleeping too well these next few weeks.

    Gotta stay legit. Pity any legit customers who may find their paperwork is fraudulent and wind up getting the shitty end of the stick. No pity for those who used their service to bypass immigration regulations.

    Do figure this will lead to additional immigration department reassignments and cleaning of their house. See if any further actions resulting from the secondary investigations make the news.

    Fake visa docs for expats: Thai Visa Centre manager arrested, US husband nabbed for growing ganja - Bangkok News - Thailand Visa Forum by Thai Visa | The Nation

    Fake visa docs for expats: Thai Visa Centre manager arrested, US husband nabbed for growing ganja

    Immigration police announced they have arrested a Thai woman who has admitted providing expats with fake visas at a well known company in Bang Na.

    When they went to her house in Khannayao, Bangkok, they got a bonus - her American husband was growing ganja upstairs, allegedly for distribution and sale.

    Immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang said that his bureau had been investigating the Thai Visa Centre in Bang Na as it was well known in the expat community that it was the go to place for fake visa extensions and stamps.

    Prices for the service varied on a case by case basis.

    A search warrant was obtained by the Chachoengsao court and this was served at a house in the Minera Village in Soi Seri Thai 73.

    They arrested a 34 year old Thai woman with a Western surname (withheld here). She reportedly has admitted providing fake visas using fake documentation.

    She was found in possession of 55 fake rubber stamps and fake documentation.

    Upstairs at the house the immigration police were surprised to find 60 marihuana plants in an organic grow facility. The woman's US husband was also arrested.

    Seven packets of dried ganja totalling 99 grams in weight were taken into evidence along with cannabis oil, a machine for extracting oil, scales, vacuum packing equipment, plastic bags and bongs.

    The woman said they had been at the house for three years. She had set up Thai Visa Centre.

    Her husband admitted growing ganja but said it was for personal use. The police have dismissed this and have charged the couple with growing and distributing a Class 5 drug.

    They are in the hands of the Bang Chan police.

    Daily News said that the woman was originally known as Sirintara Kiratikanyarat and under this name in 2017 appeared on national TV on behalf of The Voice Foundation, an animal welfare group.

    It concerned a high profile case in which a dog was run over.

    Daily News

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    They must be innocent, no-one is pointing.

    Immigration police nab American, Thai wife for visa forgery, cannabis-1-1-jpg

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    Last but who gives a shit.
    Second from the left looks suspicious. Why's he rolling his eyes? None of them are looking at the camera.

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    Ah...the stories I could tell on this subject.

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