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    Bangkok’s Trash Blamed for Littering Bang Saen Beach

    The mayor of a tourist central Thailand seaside town said officials are cleaning up litter at Bang Saen beach after a British blogger posted photos of the trash. The photos of the trash ridden beach went viral on social media.

    Narongchai Khunplome, mayor of Saen Suk municipality, also disputed the claim that tourists were littering the beach. He said much of the garbage seen in the photos came from Bangkoks waterways. Trash dumped into rivers and the sea by urban residents, and then carried to Bang Saen by ocean currents.

    Were cleaning it up everyday, Narongchai told Khaosod News. Most of the trash comes from Bangkok and then washes up on the beach. Only about 30 percent is litter from tourists.

    MORE Bangkok's Trash Blamed for Littering Bang Saen Beach

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    As if foreign tourists go to Bang Saen in any numbers. It's an away day venue for Somchai and his brood from Chonburi and its hinterland for miles around and we all know how they deal with the crap they bring.

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    Nothing new about this, from about 10 years ago I've rated that as the filthiest Thai beach I have had the displeasure to visit on several occasions, which takes some doing!

    And stop blaming the farangs, it's mostly a Thai beach.

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