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    Sisaket Finds Almost 20 Chikungunya Patients

    BANGKOK(NNT) - During the rainy season, there is usually extra monitoring of diseases spread by mosquitoes especially Dengue and Chikungunya. This year in Sisaket province alone, there are already around 20 patients with Chikungunya Disease.

    Doctor Thitikul Tem-Iam, a doctor who is a specialist in Epidemiology at Sisaket Hospital inspected a village in Mueang Sisaket district; the area was found to have many people affected by the seasonal disease. Residents of this village are mostly flower growers. Much of the area is covered with weeds and is waterlogged, conditions that are perfect for the breeding of mosquitoes. This village also has some returnees from the southern region who are suspected of being infected with Chikungunya.

    The doctor said there are two breeds of mosquitoes that cause diseases. First are mosquitoes in human residential areas, that spread the dangerous Dengue fever. The other kind lives in wooded areas and causes Chikungunya. Chikungunya patients suffer from a high fever, rashes and severe joint pain.

    In order to control the disease, people must locate and eliminate breeding areas such as waterlogged spots, and abandoned water containers where larvae can develop into life threatening disease carrying mosquitoes.

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