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    Double murder, stabbing, suicide in Lampang

    LAMPANG: A 52-year-old man shot dead two male relatives and stabbed a woman before killing himself in Mae Tha district on Friday morning. His motive remained unknown.

    The attack in tambon Na Khru of Mae Tha was reported to police about 7.45am, said Pol Capt Veerachart Suriya, deputy investigation chief at Mae Tha.

    Police, medical staff and rescue workers rushed to the scene found two men lying dead with bullet wounds on a road in front of a house - Amphon Saikon, 52, and Inkaew Promdam, 70.

    A third man was also found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in front of the two-storey wooden house. A short shotgun was found near his foot. Police also found a folding knife and a spare bullet in his pocket. He was identified as the gunman, Somthop Saikon, 52.

    The wife of one of the two victims, Phannee Saikon, 51, was found with multiple stab wounds to her chest inside the house. Relatives rushed her to Mae Tha Hospital, and she was transferred to Lampang Hospital, Thai media reported.

    Neighbour Phan Promdam, 51, told police that all four people involved were related.

    She said Ms Phanee was at a nearby shophouse. She saw Somthop walk up to her, and then suddenly stab her with his knife. The injured woman ran out onto the road and shouted for help. Her husband and her father Inkaew ran out their house to intervene, but were met with gunshots fired by Somthop.

    Ms Phanee fled to her house and hid. Somthop followed, but could not find her. He then sat down in front of the house, turned the shotgun on himself and pulled the trigger, Ms Phan said.

    Police were investigating.

    Double murder, stabbing, suicide in Lampang

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    a sawn off shotgun used?NICE FAMILY.

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