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    These eggs are fake, says angry buyer

    NAKHON RATCHASIMA: When Sombat Thunsungnoen bought several trays of discounted chicken eggs from a mobile grocery store he thought he was getting a bargain - until he tried to cook them.

    Sombat, of Sung Noen district, complained to reporters on Friday that he had been scammed. The eggs were fake.

    He said that on Monday he went out to buy chicken eggs at Sung Noen fresh market. Then he saw a mobile grocery store, a six-wheel truck, selling eggs in front of the market.

    MORE These eggs are fake, says angry buyer

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    The eggs were much cheaper than the other stalls, so he bought three trays -- at 60 baht a tray of 30. Other stalls sold eggs of this size at 85-100 baht a tray. He also bought two more trays for a neighbour.
    He was happy with the purchase and returned home. It was only when he cracked open some of the eggs to make an omelette for his children that he realized he had been had.

    The eggs he bought were not real. They had no smell and the egg "whites" were a powdery gel. He also realised then that the shells had a rough surface, not like normal eggs, and there were dark red dots on them, Mr Sombat said.
    Sombat Thunsungnoen, of Sung Noen district in Nakhon Ratchasima, with some of the fake eggs he bought from a mobile store. (Photo: Prasit Tangprasert)
    He later went to a store inside his community to buy eggs to compare them with the ones he bought from the truck. They were normal eggs; the others smelled like raw meat, and the whites were like a jelly, he said.
    Mr Sombat said he had given some of the fake eggs to the Sung Noen district public health office to examine.
    “I want the proper agencies to urgently investigate the sale of thse fake eggs. It's now rampant in Sung Noen district. Don’t let rogues inflict more harm on people at a time of economic hardship.
    "Everybody is losing income because of Covid-19 disease. Worse still, I fell victim to this unscrupulous trader. I can't bear the thought,” Mr Sombat said.
    On March 26, the Commerce Ministry banned egg exports for a week after prices soared as a result of Covid-19. Egg prices in the provinces had increased three- to four-fold as people stocked up - causing a shortage.
    The ministry later extended the ban on egg exports for a month, starting on June 1, to ensure an adequate domestic supply.

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    Old eggs from the oversupply as a result of the export ban.

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    ^ Rather than crack them open, he just needs to put them in a bowl of water to get an idea of age. They may be old and tasteless but they'll stink if they have gone rotten.

    The wife likes to buy eggs from the trays but there is no marking for age on individual eggs. I buy the packed ones so I know the date they were laid.

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    Last but who gives a shit.
    And the Darwin award this week goes to Sombat Thunsungnoen

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    I first heard of fake eggs in China about 20 years ago. It seemed unlikely and I never saw one although credible press reports have appeared from time to time.

    China: Fake Chicken Eggs Add to List of Fake-Food Scandals |

    With so many real eggs available I can't believe anyone can make a profit from hand-making fake eggs. Or can they?

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