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    43-year-old man arrested for murder of two people in Mae Taeng

    A 43-year-old man has been arrested following the discovery of two bodies in Mae Taeng May 25.

    The bodies of Mrs. Kamonthip Sopprasit, 40 and Mr. Charoen Manee, 50 were found in trash bags with multiple stab wounds in a longan grove in Moo 6 Sop Poeng by a neighbor.

    Police raided a Wat in Chiang Dao this morning, May 27 and arrested Mr. Wasan Intarakchak, 43 from San Maha Phon, Mae Taeng on suspicion of the murder. Mr. Intarakchak is said to have fled the scene of the murder to Chiang Dao where he attempted to become a monk.

    Police allege that Mr. Intarakchak fancied the one of the victims., Mrs. Sopprasit but his advances had been rejected. Searching the victims phone, police found that Mr. Intarakchak first killed the female victim before using her phone to trick Mr. Manee to the same longan grove where he was subsequently murdered as well.

    Mr. Intarakchak has since confessed to the crime and has asked for forgiveness from the relatives of the deceased.

    He was transported to Mae Taeng Police Station where he was charged with intentionally killing others. Hes been detained in custody pending a court hearing.

    43-year-old man arrested for murder of two people in Mae Taeng | Chiang Mai One

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    Like I keep saying, they're little more than savages but whereas elsewhere such crime is usually perpetrated by unbalanced psychotics and psychopaths, here it's simply a day-to-day expression of basic needs by peasants too ignorant and stupid to control them. Essentially, these people are still living in a primordial swamp.

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    I didn't think that your opinion of Thais could go lower, but it has.

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