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    Police officer allegedly planning to rob a bank arrested

    A serving police sergeant was arrested on Thursday (April 16) in Chachoengsao province for allegedly conspiring to rob, Pol General Krisana Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman of the Royal Thai Police, said on Thursday.

    Officers from Bangpakong Police Station arrested the suspicious-looking man with a firearm in front of Kasikornbank's Bangwua branch in Bangpakong district.

    “The suspect was seen wearing a black cloth mask, black clothes, carrying a backpack standing in front of the bank’s ATMs,” he said. “When patrolling police officers questioned him, he said he was an undercover police officer from Special Branch Bureau and tried to flee.

    Officers therefore arrested him and found a Glock 19 hand gun in his jacket along with secondary magazine and 40 bullets.

    ”Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect is Pol Sergeant Pannathep (last name withheld), aged 33, who worked as unit commander of Police Clearance Service Centre at Special Branch Bureau, Royal Thai Police.

    “He confessed to a conspiracy to rob, saying he had Bt400,000 in debt and his wife was out of work,” said Krisana.

    “The sergeant will be charged with carrying firearms in a public place, while officers will further investigate the origin of the firearm and ammunition to see if there are other offences involved.”

    “The Special Brach Bureau will later appoint a committee to consider disciplinary punishment against the sergeant,” he added.

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    Unsuccessful on both sides of the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    Police Clearance Service Centre at Special Branch Bureau, Royal Thai Police.

    Probably the least informative title of a govt office I've seen yet. One of those "inactive posts" that bureaucrats are famously sent to on occasion?

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