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    Police Hunt for Ex-Cop Turned Burglar in Northern Thailand

    Police in Northern Thailand are on a man hunt for a former cop turned burglar after he escaped from officers at a Chiang Mai Hospital. The rogue x-cop was in hospital after being caught and beaten by homeowners. He allegedly took off after unlocking his handcuffs and fleeing the hospital where he was being treated for his injuries.

    Pawaret Wongsuwan, 45, took off escaped from San Pa Tong Hospital about 4am on Monday. He is believed to have gone into hiding somewhere in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai provinces.

    Parawet, a former ex-cop, was caught by irate residents after he broke into a house in Chiang Mai. They beat him up before handing him over to police. He was taken to the hospital on Sunday so his injuries could be treated.

    He picked the cuffs shackling him to the bed and fled the Chiang Mai hospital about 4am on Monday.

    The suspect served as a police officer in Chiang Mai province from 1996. He ran an illegal football betting and underground lottery service to earn extra money.

    However, some customers were slow to pay their gambling debts.

    In 2002, he also violently seized valuables from one debtor inside a shopping mall in Chiang Mai. The debtor filed a complaint against him. Furthermore he faced a police probe and was dismissed from the force.

    After that, he shifted to theft and home break-ins and has been in jail several times, according to Thai media.

    The police in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are search for the fugitive was continuing.

    Police Hunt for Rogue Ex-Cop Turned Burglar in Northern Thailand

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    Is he armed? Is there a T21 in Chiang Mai?

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    He allegedly took off after unlocking his handcuffs

    Take it away, seeking asylum...

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