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    How to Check for Songkran Traffic, Real-Time

    KAsaree Thaitrakulpanich
    Khao Sod English

    BANGKOK — Avoid water-soaked, hellish Songkran traffic by checking in to real-time maps.

    The Department of Highways released on Tuesday five real-time updating maps to help travellers find the best routes exiting Bangkok to their water-splashing destinations – or to quickly rush home still dry.

    To access the maps, scan the following QR codes or click the following links. The five maps show real-time traffic for major roads between Bangkok and surrounding provinces, as well as roads between Bangkok and provinces in the northern, Isaan, east and southern regions.

    MORE How to Check for Songkran Traffic, Real-Time

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    Alternately, just use Google Maps. Switch on Loaction on your phone, put your destination into the Google Maps seach bar, press search, and your route will come up.

    The colour of the roads will indicate how busy they are.

    Green means no traffic delays.

    Orange means a medium amount of traffic

    Red means there will be traffic delays. The darker the red, the slower the speed of traffic on the road.
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    Is Google maps traffic granular enough to have different colours for each direction ?

    Edit, yes it does
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