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    Quote Originally Posted by Bettyboo View Post
    Well, certainly the idea of American democracy, land of the free, etc, is rather loaded. But it's somewhat better than North Korea and Myanmar. I know which country I'd rather be brought up in, educated in, have freedoms in. I'm not suggesting it's perfect by any means.

    “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

    ― Winston Churchill
    Says the brutal barbarous imperialist.
    No apologies. Less a conscious.

    Alas, White Man's Burden.

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    Gen prem is a very nice man.

    And i'm sure its his mia noi that has been causing all the shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bettyboo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Rural Surin
    Who does the Thai military answer to?
    For a very long time, the PC, prem.

    Mods, you will likely delete this, fair enough, but is it wrong or against any laws to ask and answer such questions?

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