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    Phuket: Seminar held on Thai-foreign relationships

    Phuket: Seminar held on Thai-foreign relationships

    PHUKET: A seminar to inform couples of mixed nationality about their rights and obligations both here and abroad was held last Wednesday (October 24) in the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation's Hall of the People.

    Sponsored by Thailand's Interior Ministry, in conjunction with the National Network of Thais Married to Foreigners Association, the event was entitled "Open Your Mind and Learn. Know How to Open the Door to Enter International Society. Know Yourself, Understand, Develop Towards Having a Sustainably Happy Family", and chaired by Assistant Interior Minister, Wongsak Sawadpanich.

    In attendance were Phuket Vice Governor Jamrern Tipyatada; President of the National Network of Thais Married to Foreigners Association Mrs Kanokrat Limsamoot Booth; Tambon Chalong Kamnan Jarern Tewabutr; and various members of the Network.

    Vice Governor Jamrern described the seminar as "a really special event because it provides the people of Phuket who have foreign spouses or are considering marriage to a foreigner information they can use to improve their lives."

    He said the Network had been founded by various "organisations, groups and individuals working in charity" and acts as an information clearing-house "publicising news to Thais with foreign spouses and organising seminars to enhance knowledge of laws pertinent to Thai families with foreign marriage partners."

    Among the laws or regulations thought pertinent are those relating to: living in Thailand or other countries and entering or leaving the country (immigration); how to submit applications and supporting documents; marriage; divorce; suing for child custody; and inheritance.

    The Network also organises activities aimed at "changing attitudes and values in rural areas vis-a-vis marriage with foreigners, and acquiring a realistic outlook on life."

    Jamrern said nine "pilot provinces" had been chosen for the seminars Phuket being one: "Speakers provide information on protecting the rights of Thais married to foreigners; relevant government policy trends; and afford legal aid to Thais married to foreigners."

    Other topics include how to obtain visas to various countries; how to register for marriage in Thailand; how to register here marriages made in other countries; the steps in registering a divorce; and the rights of foreigners living in Thailand.

    "The reason for this is to create for couples of mixed nationality sustainable living conditions to improve quality of life for Thais married to foreigners," Jamrern said, "while also developing the understanding, technical expertise and resources of people in this country."

    Source: Manager Online

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    Of course they are concerned about farang rights too...huh??

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    ..."...and afford legal aid to Thais married to foreigners...."

    every country in europe has offices, where foreigners can go - for whatever reason, just because they are foreigners and not native to the language and administration etc...
    they get helped particularly with legal advice... for free...

    dont think, that anyone in thailand is helping you...

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    ^^ .

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    Thai twats strike again

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