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    Australian spots her stolen Jewelry at shop inside Tesco-Lotus in North Pattaya

    Australian spots her stolen Jewelry at shop inside Tesco-Lotus in North Pattaya

    The owner of a Jewelry Shop in North Pattaya is facing prosecution after an Australian home-owner spotted items which had been stolen from her house in September being sold at the shop.

    A 10 Million Baht Burglary occurred on 28th September at the house of an Australian national, Mrs. Jacqueline Christopher, in Soi Kao Noi, East Pattaya who lives with her Thai Husband Khun Sarawut.

    The break-in was reported to Banglamung Police who were contacted by Mrs. Christopher on Monday afternoon after she spotted some of her stolen jewelry being displayed for sale at a shop located on the 1st floor of the Tesco-Lotus Store on the North Pattaya Road.

    The Police joined Mrs. Christopher who picked-out the stolen items at the Manasporn Jewels Shop owned by Khun Manasaporn aged 50 and matched them to the original report of the stolen items.

    A worker at the shop Khun Giradar aged 26 claimed the items were sold to the shop last month by a Thai woman.

    The shop owner stated to Police she was unaware the items had been stolen.

    A selection of necklaces, pendants and diamond rings were seized as evidence. Police wanted to check CCTV which was installed at the shop, however it was a newly installed system which was not in operation when the items were brought to the shop by the female suspect.

    The investigation continues as Police look to seize other items stolen from the house.

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    seized as evidence for how long?

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