In Thailand there are many immigration borders that can be crossed either by rail, foot, road transport, bridge or boat, with 4 diverse countries surrounding Thailand it makes it all quite an adventure, whether it is the bus to Aranyaprathet - Poi Pet to see all the hustle and bustle of the busiest Cambodian border crossing, or further down to the hassle free border of Pong Nam Rorn ( sometimes spelt Pong Nam Ron ) - Prum, maybe travel up to the North of Thailand into Nong Khai and cross the Friendship Bridge and spend a few days in Vientiane, maybe Myanmar is more your scene and you wish to visit the famous 3 pagodas pass, or moving down to Southern Thailand maybe you wish to visit Malaysia, these are within easy access from Thailand, most of Thailands border crossing points have been visited by our members and you will find links on this page telling you about that border point and showing pictures of the local area.

If you are doing a visa run to Singapore you can download the Visa application form here for your Thai Visa

Getting a Thai Multi Entry Non Immigrant Visa in Singapore can be found here

Getting a Thai Multi Non Immigrant B Visa in Kuala Lumpur can be found here (Non Immigrant "B" visa - 1 year multiple entry)

Penang and doing a visa run from Thailand

Multi entry Non Immigrant "O" Visas Now Available in Penang. June 2007 (Penang resumes Thai multi entry Non Imm "O" visas)

Warning, visa exempt stamps are now only 15 days from most land border crossings 12/12/2008.

Duty Free Allowances for Thailand.
There are limits on the amount of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars and smoking tobacco to which you may include in your duty free personal exemption as follows:
**No more than 200 cigarettes
**No more than 500 grams of smoking tobacco (includes cigars)
**200 cigarettes and cigars or smoking tobacco each or in total must not exceed 500 grams
**1 liter of spirits or liquor
Thailands Customs Dept Website

Thailand to Cambodia Border crossing points, These are the most popular for Visa Runners.

These generally have visa on arrival for 1,000baht, normally one passport picture will suffice, if your doing an in and an out in the same day they will expect you to donate between 100 and 300baht, this sometimes is negotiable.
Occasionally they will try to hit you for a fake SARS form for 50baht as well, just laugh at them and walk away.

More on doing a Visa Run To Cambodia Here

Going from Sakaew to Aranyaprathet and then crossing the border to Poi Pet in Cambodia.

Border crossing point open from 7am till 8pm, visa on arrival to Cambodia 1,000baht.

This place is the most famous and the worst of all crossing points, to describe it nicely is not possible, it is over run with beggars and landmine victims, the queues are horrendous and there is no shade from the sun nor the rain, well apart from the street urchins chasing you with umbrellas, this is the place that people from Bangkok do their visa runs, generally the immigration office here has quite long queues.

The Thai side has a border market full of fake goods and second hand clothing which has been donated to Cambodians and they bring it to Thailand and sell it by the kilo, yep all you dogooders out there from cold countries donating your 14 ounce jeans etc, they really ain't suitable for Cambodia.

The Cambodian side has a few high end casinos which are mainly staffed by Thais due to that most of the customers are Thai and rumour has it that they are actually Thai owned, also about 10km from the border is a sex village, the gals all live in shacks and try to entice you into their shack, got to admit never appealed to me so I never bothered going.

The nearest town on the Cambodian side is Sisophon.

This is probably the best entry point to get to Siem Reap though unfortunately.
This is the place you want to go if you want to visit the world famous Angkor Wat.

Sa Kaeo is actually a good place to buy Teak Furniture.

Crossing the border and then travelling around Cambodia, nice pictures here

Aranyaprathet pictures and visa run

One Mans Story of his Travels from Pattaya to Poi Pot and around Cambodia

Guesthouses and Hotels in Poi Pet

Kap Choeng near Surin border crossing point to O'Smach, Cambodia

The only thing of interest is the Chong Chom Border Market Located in Dan Pattana Village of Dan sub-district, about 69 kms. away from the city and about 13 kms. away from the district area. It was formerly situated in the national reserved forest. Chong Chom border market is opened daily from 07.00 am-08.00 pm. Most goods are your normal daily necessary utensils and a selection of wooden utensils.

Pak Chong to Chong Chom visa run with photos (Pak Chong - Surin and back - A leisurely 600km's)
Extending Your Visa at Kap Cheong, Plus some nice pictures of the area

Si Saket, Phusing, Chong Sa Ngam to Anlong Veng, Cambodia

Cambodian visa on arrival available here.

Remote border crossing northwest of Siem Reap in Oddar Meanchey province, opposite Thailand's Si Saket province. A two and a half hour journey can be expected to get to Siem Reap. This is obviously one of the best entry points to get to the Angkor Wat.
300baht has to be paid in Cambodia if you are just activating a new entry on your multi entry visa into Thailand, Chong Sa Ngam has a small market and not much else.

Pong Nam Rorn
( sometimes spelt Pong Nam Ron ), Ban Pakard to Phsar Prum Border Crossing: Pailin.

Cambodian visa on arrival available here.

Pong Nam Ron, Pha Khat in Chanathaburi province, Thailand, at the check point here on the Thai side of the border immigration have had a new office built.

For info and pictures on the Prum Chantaburi crossing point click this link

Update on Pong Nam Ron and Ban Laem, Bus tickets and photo copies, June 2007

Pong Nam Rorn
( sometimes spelt Pong Nam Ron ), Ban Laem to Daung Border Crossing: Battambang.

Cambodian visa on arrival available here.

Located in Kamreang, Battambang province, Cambodia, opposite Thailand's Chanthaburi province in Daung.
The border crossing is open from 7am to 8pm, when you get into Cambodia there is an area on the right hand side selling duty free goods and also a casino.
On entering back into Thailand, if you are going for the 15 day visa exempt stamp you may need to show a ticket out of Thailand, ie air ticket itinery, or you can buy a bus ticket for 200baht in the duty free area.

Pattaya to Ban Laem and Daung Visa Run

For pictures and info on Duan crossing point click this link

200baht bus ticket out of Thailand for 30 day entry into Thailand at Ban Leam, Pong Nam Ron

Trat, Klong Yai, Hat Lek to Koh Kong crossing point into Kampot Cambodia.

Cambodian visa on arrival available here.

Nice little border town on the Thai side and a casino on the Cambodian side.

A boat service runs from here connecting Koh Kong to Sihanoukville, then you can take the National Route 3 all the way to Phnom Penh, this is one of their better condition roads.

The border crossing is open from 7am till 5 pm.

Bangkok to Koh Kong (Visa Run: Bangkok to Ban Hat Lek/Koh Kong)

Getting to Koh Kong the Hard Way

Pattaya, Trat, Koh Kong and onto Sihanoukville

Everything you will ever need to know about Kohkong, info and pictures.

Abit of info and a couple of pictures here

Guesthouses and Hotels in Koh Kong

Thailands Embassy in Cambodia.

CAMBODIA Royal Thai Embassy, Office Of Commercial Affairs, 169 M.V.MAO Tse Toung, (Rue 245) Sangkat Toul Svay Prey 1, Khan Chamcarmon Mon Phnom
peng, Cambodia Tel : 855-23 364607 Fax: 855-23 310150

Map showing Cambodias border crossing points.

Thailand to Malaysia border crossing points.

Penang Visa Run Main Page

Kuala Lumpur Visa run page

The Malaysian Thailand border is 314 miles long, 251 miles of that the boundry is formed by water divides.
Generally for most Nationalities arriving into Malaysia visas are issued free on arrival.

Wang Kelian.
2. Bukit Kayu Hitam.
3. Pengkalan Hulu in Perak.
4. Sungei Golok.
5. Pengkalan Kubor in Kelantan
6. Betong to Keroh
7. Sadao to Changloon

These are the 7 main land crossing points between Thailand and Malaysia.

The Bangkok to Butterworth train uses the Sadao Padang Besar border crossing point, more about that can be found here, Padang Besar (Sadao Padang Besar train station)

So what have these places got that maybe of interest? Well first up let's have a look at;

Wang Kelian in Perlis State.This is across the border from Satun and Songkla, The British took it from the Thais, then the Japs gave it back to the Thais, then Malaysia got it back again, so the place has quite Thai feel to it, well, apart from that it is obviously full of Malaysians.

The only place of interest are the State park which has limestone caves and loads of poisonous snakes and also a snake farm with poisonous snakes in.

The border is open 7am to 7pm.Sadao to Pedang Besar, Changloon, Perlis.Absolutely nothing of interest apart from the duty free and a large open air market selling the usual stuff you get from large open air markets throughout Asia.

If you are driveing you do have to arrange insurance for your vehicle for entry into Malaysia, although this isn't generally checked at the border, but about 10km into Malaysia there is usually a police checkpoint and they stop everything with Thai number plates, Insurance can be bought from the booths next to the immigration booth.

The border is open 7am to 10pm.The train border gets 2 trains per day, one going to Butterworth and one going to Bangkok, In the old days it was great, dirty old train station with a tiny little 6 meter by 4 meter crappy old restaurant that done a damn good curry and had all the beer you could want, now it is all cold and clinical with cling film wrapped sandwiches that nobody in their right mind would eat and packets of crisps, still that is evolution for you, I remember sitting at the train station pissed out of my head waiting for the train back to Bangkok due to a double entry tourist visa, yep, those were the good old days, now alas they don't even open the nice bogs at the train station as they don't want them soiled by non believers shite, bstards.

Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah State.A Golf Course and a duty free shop are the only appealling things about this town.

The border is open 7am to 10pmPengkalan Hulu in Perak.Absolutely nothing of interest at all.

Narathiwat, Sungei Golok to Rantau Panjang, Khota Bharu.Quite a long walk between check points if you are on foot.Has a few duty free shops.

Khota Bharu is the capital city of the State Kelantan, it has a few nice beaches, Museum of War, Royal Museum, and The State Museum, very difficult to buy booze here though.

Khota Bharu also has a Thai consulate if you are in need of a new Thai visa.

Pengkalan Kubor in Kelantan.Right on the Thai border, Pengkalan Kubor is the immigration check point for this little used back route to Thailand. During the day, a large car ferry (50 sen for pedestrians) crosses the river over to busy Tak Bai in Thailand.
It's a tax-free zone, so the shopping is good if you know how to bargain, electronic goods, houseware items, and clothes are popular items. The road from Kota Bharu passes through some of the most traditional villages in Kelantan.

Yala, Betong to Keroh.

Nothing Known about this crossing point.

Thailands Embassies and Consulates in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur
Royal Thai Embassy, 206 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : (03) 248-8005, 8222, 8350, 8420 Fax : (03) 248-6527 email :

Royal Thai Consulate-General, No.1, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : (094) 226-8029,9484
Fax : (094) 226-3121
email :

Kota Bharu
Royal Thai Consulate-General, 4426 Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan 15400, Malaysia.Tel : (099) 744-5266, 5934, 748-2545.Fax : (099) 744-9801

Penang stops issueing double entry Tourist Visas (Penang halts issuance of double-entry tourist visas)

Penang back to Hat yai and bangkok and beyond (Penang Hat Yai Chumphon Bangkok Pattaya Jomtien)

Single entry tourist visas from Penang consulate, and only 3 allowed back to back (Penang 3 Thai tourist visas and out)

Next up we have the main Border crossing points from Thailand into Laos.

A passport and visa are required. Visas are issued upon arrival in Laos to most foreign tourists at most border crossings.

You will need two passport size photographs and $35 to $45 for your Laos Visa at most Thai Laos border crossings.
Foreign tourists are generally admitted to Laos for 15 days with a visa on arrival or for 30 days with a visa issued at a Laos embassy.

Laos Visa Run Page

Nong Kai, Ban Chommani to Tha Na Leng, Vientiane across the Friendship Bridge.

Border crossing open from 6am to 10pm.

The friendship bridge was opened in 1994 and is 1.174km long spanning the Mekhong river.

Visas issued on arrival here. Most travellers get a motorbike taxi into Vientiane after crossing the bridge, Vientiane is a mixture of old Colonial French buildings, Gaudy Temples and modern buildings, you will find French bread bakerys next door to noodle shops, also has some great Indian restaurants.

If you are driving up to Nong Khai there is secure parking on the right hand side just before Friendship Bridge.

A great place to get new Thai Visas but they are very strict if you are applying for Non Immigrant Visas, also good for those in Northern Thailand on Multi Entry Thai Visas, you can read more about doing a visa run to Vientiane Here.

Everything you need to know about crossing the Friendship Bridge between Nong Khai and Vientiane in Laos

Another visa run from Thailand crossing the Friendship Bridge from Nong Khai and going to the Thai Embassy in Vientiane

Visa run from Petchaburi in Thailand by coach, with a stay in Nong Khai and then onto Vientiane

Places to stay and things to do in Nong Khai

Vientianne to Luang Prabang by road

Visa Run From Nong Khai to Vientianne

Visa run from Nan to Vientianne

Vietianne, Vang Vien, a short holiday in Laos

Mali Namphu Guesthouse in Vientianne 550baht per night

A Party and a tour of Nong Khai

Laos, Royal Thai Embassy
Route Phonekheng, Vientiane, P.O. Box 128
Tel: 214 5813, 214 5856
Fax: +66 1 411 0017

This was not a visa run but a tour of the North of Thailand and then crossing over to Laos.
  • Uthai Thani (local caves, good food and grog, shooting)
  • Huai Kha Khaeng World Heritage Area (Seub Nakhasathien Monument)
  • Khlong Lan National Park (Klong Lan Waterfall)
  • Phitsanulok (serious drinking with old friends)
  • Loei (downtown park, Chinese temple, winery)
  • Chiang Khan (Mekong River and Kaeng Khut Khu rapids)
  • Chiang Khan-Nong Khai (drive along the Mekong)
  • Laos (New Years Eve in Vientiane, Vietnamese food)
  • Nong Khai (Ta Sadet market)
  • Khorat (old Mahayana temple in Phimai, Khorat Zoo)
  • Khao Yai (National Park, Chokchai Farm)
  • Chokchai Farm-Bangkok (body dodging)
  • Waynes travels through the North of Thailand and on into Laos
Nakorn Phanom to Tha Khaek.

Border crossing open 8.30am till 3pm, Laos visa available on arrival.

Boats cross the river several times perday.

Nakorn Pathom translates to, “city of hills”, this is one of Thailands oldest cities.

Illuminated Boats Procession is organised at the end of the Buddhist Lent or every November. Boats are illuminated with colourful lights to pay homage to Buddha. There is also a boat race between Thai and Laos teams.

Mukdahan to Savannakhet.

Border crossing open from 9am till 4.30pm. Laos visas can be issued at Savannakhet immigration check point, 30 US dollars.

The Bridge is supposed to be completed at the end of this year, ie 2006, obviously this is very unlikely to happen, so at the moment it's still using the old ferry crossing for the Mekong river, the bridge crossing the Khong River is 12-metre wide and 1.6 kilometres long.

It seems the bridge will be opened on time

Mukdahan and Roi Et, one of our members travels

Savannakhet has a Thai Consulate which is in one of the older colonial buildings which this town seems to have many, extremely difficult to get anything more than a single entry tourist visa here for Thailand.
Savannakhet also now has a Casino (Laos Savannakhet gets new casino).
Mukdahan Visa Run

Laos only Special Economic Zone is located in Savannakhet.

Savannakhet also has an airport.

Savannakhet and the area surrounding it has a few tourist attractions the, "That Ing Hang Stupa", one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Laos, Wat Sayaphoum Temple, the 1,000 plus year old, "Heuan Hin Stone Temple", Hor Tai Pitok Ancient Library, a 200 plus year old wooden house that houses many stunning palm leaf scripts.

Savankhet are now clamping down on issuing Tourist visas, you will need to be able to show a Thai bank book with at least 45,000baht in the account. (Savanakhet Thai visa run changes)

Chongmek in Ubon Rathchathani Province to Vang Tao, Pakse, Laos

Border crossing is open 6am till 7pm.

From Ubon Ratchathani you can get the bus to Chongmek, this takes about 1 and a half hours.

Again another ferry crossing across the Mekhong river, actually around Pakse they got 200 year old towns, some old French Steam Locomotives and supposedly the biggest waterfall in Asia, to get to Pakse takes about one hour in a Sawngthaew.

Visas here are available on arrival into Laos, also if you just wish to visit the market in Laos you can generally leave your passport at immigration and pay a 70baht entrance fee, visa cost is 30 US dollars.

You can also take your car across this border crossing as long as it is registered in your name.

Chong Bok pass in Nam Yuen, Ubon Rathchathani Province.
Newly opened border point.

A Bit of Info Here

Places to stay and visit in Ubon Ratchathani

Tha Li District, Loei Province, to Kan-Thao District, Chaiyaburi Province of Laos.

Luang Prabang is 363kms away.

Loei Province can be the coldest and hottest province in the whole of Thailand, Winter nights dropping down as low as zero celsius.

11 caves so far have been found in Loei, these feature cave paintings etc, 2 in Mueang District and 9 in Phu Kradung District.

[font=Arial]Thai-Lao Nam-Hueng Friendship Bridge was opened on 28 October 2004, it is 110 meters long and 9 meters wide, in the dry season you can just walk across the river bed though.

Some nice pictures and info about Loei here.

Khong Chiam, near Ubon, Has boats to take you across the Mekhong river.

It is an interesting place on the riverside. For 200 baht a small boat will take you across to Laos. I checked first with the local Police Chief and he said it was Ok to go with no papers, so I went.
The village on the other side is very primitive with no running water but every other house is a shop selling something. Large bag of illegal tobaaco only 150 baht, knocking shops,etc, you name it they got it.

Chiang Khong, Chang Rai to Huay Yai, Bokeo Province, Laos.

Border crossing open 8am till 6pm, laos visas on arrival available.

Chiang Kong borders the southern bank of the Mekong River. The river's bank is lined with a bunch of guesthouses such as SP GuestHouse and also small restaurants. Guesthouses and backpacker cafes aside, Chiang Khong is a typical small Thai town.

Chiang Kong does have some attractions ie waterfalls and rapids, both of which can be organised locally.

There are nightly direct buses from Bangkok to Chiang Kong.

From Chiang Khong you get the 20baht ferry across the Mekhong river to Huay Xai, Visas on arrival are available.

Also from here you can get boats going to China or go on a 2 day cruise to
Luang Prabang as one of our members did.
Another member travels from Chiang Kong to Vientiane for a visa run.

Some pictures here of the border crossing

Houay Kone, Nan to Xaingnabouri, Laos

This border crossing is now open to foreign tourists. Transport is very limited on both sides of the border.

Chiang Saen, near Chiang Rai.

Chiang Saen is 60km northeast of Chiang Rai and on the Mekhong. It used to be a sleepy one horse town but is rapidly getting bigger. It is the port where the boats from China unload all there goods, mostly apples and pears.
MP used to own three very expensive passenger hydrofoils for trips up into China. Due to immigration disputes the service was stopped, but a couple of conventional chinese boats now do cruises up the river.
However you can approach the captain of the chinese barges and take a ride up into laos or china. I think the going rate was 2000 baht per person. It is all quite legal, you just stamp out of thailand at Chiang Saen immigration and stamp into Laos or China when you get off the boat.

Bueng Kan to Paksan.

Border crossing open from 8.30am till 4.30pm, Laos visa available on arrival.

Ferry crossing point.

Thailand and Laos to open up 2 more border crossing points for visa runs and trade

Thailand's Border crossing points into Burma/ Myanmar.

Mae Sai to Tachilek, Burma/Myanmar.
The new bridge which is 90 meters long was opened in early 2006, the old bridge which was built in 1967 could not be widened to accept more traffic, from here it is only about 100kms to the Chinese border.

For info and pictures on Mae Sai click this link

Mae Sot to Myawadi, Burma/Myanmar.

Myawadi is a Market type town which does sell some nice antiques, plus the normal gemstones etc.

There is a bridge to cross over the Moei River.

Mae Sot is quite famous for it's river rafting and also the Rim Moei Market, A community liveing on the banks of Moei River, opposite to Burma’s Myawadee.

The one-day visa for Myanmar costs $10, . Mae Sot is a medium sized town with a choice of a few hotels in different price ranges. Coffe shops open early morning for Burmese type breakfasts.

Great place for those living in Nothern Thailand to do a Visa Run.

Petchabun to Mae Sot Visa Run

A Nice Write up and Pictures of Mae Sot Here

FriscoFrankie does a visa run to Mae Sot and takes some nice pictures

Three Pagoda Pass,Sangklaburi to Payathonzu, Burma/Myanmar.

A one day pass costs 500baht or 10 US Dollars. Once across the border the town of Payathonzu offers the opportunity to buy fabric and cloth materials, also decorative wooden handicrafts and, local and foreign cigars and cigarettes.

The pass is just a day pass and this place is not the place to do a border run, you can also take your car or bike across the border, you have to sign a waiver that you are responsible for your own safety and have to be back across the Thai border at Sangklaburi before 6pm.

A drive to the Three Pagodas Pass with some nice pictures

Ranong to Victoria Point Tenasserim Burma/Myanmar.

Saphan phla Pier it is 45 Minute boat ride across the Pak Chan estuary to get to Victoria Point,You will stop at two places before Burma, The Thai office on waterfront for verification you have an exit visa and stop at Burma's immigration on the shoreline near Burma to pay the 5 dollars and for them to verify you have a exit visa from Thailand. Just give the longtail driver your passport with a $5 bill and stay on the boat, he will take care of everything, just reckon to pay 40baht, but the odds are you will likely pay 100baht per person for the boat ride.

1 kilometer east of Victoria Point, you can soak in the soothing remedial hot spring waters in the secluded garden pools of Tapotram Temple.

Pratchaup Khiri Khan, Sangkhom to Burma/Myanmar.

A few pictures here and info, but not as yet a visa crossing point

For online visas for myanmar and visa info click this link

SaiYok/Bong Ti Border Pass to Burma/Myanmar.

During the rainy season it is generally flooded out but also is probably not a place for a visa run.

A Drive around Sai Yok to Bong Ti with some pictures

Thailand Embassy in Burma/Myanmar.

Royal Thai Embassy, 45, 91 Pyay Rd.,Yangon,The Union of Myanmar. Tel : (951) 525-670, 533-082,
221-713-6Fax : (951) 222-784

Tourist visas cost approximately US$30, and allow a stay of up to 4 weeks.

Some Threads on differant Immigration Offices in Thailand.

The Korat Immigration Office (Korat Immigration)

Extension of stay in Surin (Extension of Stay, Kap Cheong, Surin [long])

Visa Runs to other Countries.

Visa Run To Singapore

Visa Run To Penang with colourful era

Visa Runt To with marmite Penang

90 Day Reporting to Thai Immigration.

90 Day Reporting (90-day reporting gets serious)

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkoks new Airport.

First impressions of the new airport

Travelling to Bangkok from the new Airport

Bangkoks new airport,Suvarnabhumi, some write ups and some pictures

Immigration places throughout Thailand.

:: North Checkpoints ::

Mae Sai Checkpoint
Amphoe Mae Sai
Changwat Chiang Rai 57130 0-5373-1008
Visa Run to Mae Sai

Chiang Khong Checkpoint
Amphoe Chiang Khong
Changwat Chiang Rai 57140 0-5379-1332
Visa Run to Chiang Kong

Chiang Saen Checkpoint
Amphoe Chiang Saen
Changwat Chiang Rai 57150 0-5379-1332

Chiang Mai Checkpoint
71 Sanambin Road Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Chiang Mai 50200 0-5320-1755-6
F 0-5327-7510

Fang Checkpoint
15/5 Moo 4, Tumbol Vieng, Amphoe Fang
Changwat Chiang Mai 50110 0-5345-3131 n_fang[at]

Tak Checkpoint
umbol Tasailaud, Amphoe Mae Sot
Changwat Tak 0-5556-3000
Visa Run to Mae Sot

Mae Hong Son Checkpoint
Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Mae Hong Son 58000 0-5361-2106 n_maehongson[at]

Mae Sariang Checkpoint
Amphoe Mae Sariang
Changwat Mae Hong Son 58110 0-5368-1339 n_maesariang[at]

Nan Checkpoint
652 Moo.3 Tumbol phasing
Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Nan 55000

:: Northeast Checkpoints ::

Phibun Mangsahan Checkpoint
Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan
Changwat Ubon Ratchathani 34110 0-4541-1108 ne_phibunma[at]

Khong Chiam Checkpoint
Amphoe Khong Chiam
Changwat Ubon Ratchathani 34220 0-4535-1084 ne_khongchiam[at]

Nong Khai Checkpoint
107 Moo.7
Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Nong Khai 43000 0-4241-1605
Nong Khai To Vientiane Visa Run

Bueng Kan Checkpoint
Amphoe Bueng Kan
Changwat Nong Khai 43140 0-4249-1832 ne_buengkan[at]

Chiang Khan Checkpoint
Amphoe Chiang Khan
Changwat Loei 42110 0-4284-1175 ne_chiangkhan[at]

Tha Li Checkpoint
Amphoe Tha Li
Changwat Loet 42140 0-4288-9208

Nakhon Phanom Checkpoint
Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Nakhon Phanom 48000 0-4251-1235 ne_nakhonphanom[at]

Khemarat Checkpoint
Amphoe Khemarat
Changwat Ubon Ratchathani 34170 0-4549-1211 ne_khemarat[at]

Kapcheung Checkpoint
229 Surin - changjom road,
Amphoe Kap Choeng
Changwat Surin 32210 0-4455-9166

Mukdahan Checkpoint
Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Mukdahan 49000 0-4

:: Central Checkpoints ::

Bangkok Ariport Checkpoint
209 Moo 7 Cherdwutargard Road
Seegun, Donmuang
Bangkok 10210 nai[at]

Bangkok Harbour Checkpoint
Khlong Toei Bangkok 0-2249-4122

Samut Prakan Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Samut Prakan 0-2395-0029

Kanchanaburi Checkpoint
100/22 Mae klong road, Amphoe Muang
Changwat Kanchanaburi 71000 0-3456-4279 c_kan[at]

Sangkhla Buri Checkpoint
Amphoe Sangkhla Buri,
Changwat Kanchanaburi 71240 0-345-95335 c_sangkhla[at]

Singkhon Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang,
Changwat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77000 0-3261-9038

Samut Sakhon Checkpoint
1092/100 Akechai road, Amphoe Muang,
Changwat Samut Sakhon 74000 0-3482-0739 c_ssakorn[at]

Pattaya Checkpoint
Jomtien Soi 5
Amphoe Bang Lamung
Changwat Chon Buri 20260 0 - 3841-0240 c_pattaya[at]

Sri Racha Checkpoint
Amphoe Sri Racha
Changwat Chon Buri 20110 0-3831-257 c_sriracha[at]

Si Chang Checkpoint
Amphoe Ko Sichang
Changwat Chon Buri 20120 0-3821-6215 c_sichang[at]

Maptaput Checkpoint
Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Rayong 21150 0-3868-4544 c_maptaput[at]

Laem Ngob Checkpoint
Amphoe Laem Ngop
Changwat Trat 23110 0-3959-7261 c_laemngob[at]

Klong Yai Checkpoint
Amphoe Khlong Yai
Changwat Trat 23110 0-3958-8108 c_khlongyai[at]
Visa Run To Hat Lek - Koh Kong

Pong Nam Ron Checkpoint
Amphoe Pong Nam Ron
Changwat Chanthaburi 22140 0-3938-7127 c_pongnamron[at]
Pong Nam Ron Visa Run

Aranyaprathet Checkpoint
Amphoe Aranyaprathet
Changwat Sa Kaeo 27120
Visa Run To Aranyaprathet

Visa run Ban Leam - Daung, near Pong Nam Ron (Pong Nam Ron ticket out of Thailand 30 day entry)

Duan - Ban Laem

:: South Checkpoints ::

KhuanDon Checkpoint
Amphoe Khuan Don
Changwat Satoon 0-7472-2731

Pang Nga Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Pang Nga 0-7641-2011 s_phangnga[at]

Ranong Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Ranong 85000 0-7782-1216 s_ranong[at]

Kan Tang Checkpoint
Amphoe Kan Tang Changwat Trang 92110 0-7525-1030 s_kantang[at]

Krabi Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Krabi 81000 0-7561-1097 s_krabi[at]

Sadao Checkpoint
Amphoe Sadao Changwat Songkla 90320 0-7430-1107 s_sadao[at]

Hat Yai Checkpoint
Amphoe Hat Yai Changwat Songkla90110 0-7424-0319 s_hatyai[at]

Songkla Harbour Checkpoint
Tambol Thayang Amphoe Muang Changwat Songkla 90000 0-7431-3480

Padangbaysar Checkpoint
Amphoe Sadao Songkla 90240 0-7452-1020 s_padang[at]

Hat Yai Ariport Checkpoint
Amphoe Hat Yai Changwat Songkla 90110 0-7425-1096 s_hdy[at]

Su Ngai Go Lok Checkpoint
70Jareon Road Amphoe Su Ngai Go Lok Changwat Narathiwas 96120 0-7361-1231 s_sungaikolok[at]

Takbai Checkpoint
Amphoe Takbai Changwat Narathiwas 96110 0-7358-1239 s_takbai[at]

Pattani Harbour Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Pattani 94000 0-7334-9320 s_pattani_sea[at]

Be Tong Checkpoint
Amphoe Betong Changwat Yala 95110 0-7323-1292 s_betong[at]

Samui Checkpoint
Amphoe Samui Changwat Suratthani 0-7742-1069 s_samui[at]

Suratthani Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Suratthani 84000 0-7727-3217 s_surat[at]

Satun Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Satun 91000 0-7471-1080 s_satun[at]

Nakhonsrithumarach Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Nakhonsrithumarach 80000 0-7532-4092 s_nakhonsri[at]

Phuket Checkpoint
Amphoe Muang Changwat Phuket 83000 0-7621-2108 s_phuket[at]

Phuket Airport Checkpoint
Amphoe Talang Changwat Phuket 83140 0-7632-7138 s_hkt[at]