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    I haven't filled out any form for 90 day report in years. I go in, give them my Passport, they take out the piece of paper they stapled into it from the last report, they then enter stuff on their computer, then they print out another piece of paper that they staple back into my Passport and off I go. The new piece of paper has the date for my next report on it.

    Very simple really as to me it seems as though they are just doing my report for my on line. I could do it myself I suppose but I always like the trip up to Buriram as I can get a burger and visit a friend who lives there. On that note a French guy has just opened a new burger joint in Nang Rong and his burgers as up there with the best I have ever had so maybe I will have to change to online 90day reporting in the future and visit my friend when I feel like it.

    Life is pretty simple when you don't complicate it. By that I mean why give a toss at why the Thai Immigration do anything just follow their rules and give them what they want and move on and enjoy doing what ever it is you are here for.

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    for the past 11yrs.when reporting i have alway's dressed tidy,very polite to officers,so it has alway's been stress free,only 2incidents to note,one was when the bank letter had someone else's acount no.then last yr.a nightmare,iwasnt feeling too good before i went owing to side affects of some meds.given to me,but this new head was a right pillock.
    now i have to book any trip to i cant drive any more owing to epilepsy i now have to make sure all my ducks are in a row,that is why the wife has always come with me,now aproaching 76 this is one trip i would like to avoid,even if paying up front for the conveinience of not having to go.i remember over 6-8yrs.ago they had done with filling in a TM47 NOT lets have BJ. back who seems to have some common sense.

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