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    Quote Originally Posted by Seekingasylum View Post
    I'm amazed at your fortitude.

    More than one year here and I start articulating my thoughts aloud about their stupidity and general idiocy - in fact having to wear a mask has helped in this 'venting' and freed me to engage in a more forthright manner which has been quite satisfying.

    Christ, twelve years in succession. That's a fucking prison sentence. I simply cannot conceive of such an existence. Do you drink a lot?
    Get used to it buttercup. You’re stuck with it for the foreseeable. What a lovely Venus fly trap you are stuck in. Serves you right.
    You could always try to get yourself blacklisted.

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    I forgot to mention that despite the visa extension to July 31 due to covid there were many queueing behind the immigration desks when I left on June 11.
    My visa was extended to 14 Jun so I was okay. I guess those that had expired visas had to have something written in their passport. It looked like a long process. Only 2 people in the queue at the imm post, maybe 20 or so at each desk behind the imm posts.
    Be warned!

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