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    90 day to retirement visa

    I will be entering Thailand on a 90 day non immigrant visa and changing it to a retirement visa within the 90 days can someone tell me what documentation I need to do this and any other infomation I need to know

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    For an extension based on this you must be over 50 ,

    I needed 800k in a Thai bank account in Thailand for minimum 2 months before application.It musn't be joint account or bond type that is locked in for set period but instant access.

    Need a statement letter signed and dated by bank on day of application.
    Need TM card and endless copies of passport,pix etc.Each individual office interprets differently so I recommend you consult others in district where you apply.
    The Thai MOFA website has the "official" rules .

    Adjacent to all such offices you'll find copy shops and photographers.
    I was told my Drs certificate not good enough must use local gvt clinic.So popped over rd in Mae Sai,Lady saifd 50 baht have a seat ,2 mins later the note was obviously in good health and handed a cert without ever seeing a dr or nurse same for driving test in K phet.

    There is also a website on the topic

    Thailand's Visa Information : Issuance of Visa - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand

    pm if you need any more info its relatively straightforward,take a book and a drink arrive early and you may be done by lunch.

    NB at Mae Sai they wont issue if less than 15 days left on yur entry stamp sop you pop over to Burma get 15 more and start again.If your a high roller agents in BKK can do it for you for a fair wahck dpends if you vaue your time under $100 a day.

    Good luck,I also recommend dressing formally like the officers you meet ,tie not needed but I think smart casual minimum helps IMHO,I have see awful scenes with obviously hungover types in singlets thongs etc being abusive to Thai bureaucrats,just rmember they don't need you.

    I did meet a Ukranian lady in Rayong who popped into the back room and was "served" before us on one occasion,so will realize there is great deal of flexibility a BKK Officer once asked wen I as on a work visa what present I would bring him from Singapore.

    I promised a Straits Times newspaper,which I duly honoured,I think he was just testing how gullible I was having seen the word Ireland on my passport.
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    as above or
    if u dont have the 800,000 in the bank but have a pension equivalent to 800,000/year ( $2,200/month) u can use that, just need a letter confirming this

    OR a combination of the two, ie 250,000 in the bank ( does not need be there any specific time) and a pension/income from outside thailand for $1,450 or so/month. this is the route i use each year

    don't forget 1 photos for extension and get at the least a single re-entry ( 1,000 baht) an 1 pic

    IN phuket EXCEPT during high season when its busy ur in and out in less than 30 minutes, also in Phuket no dr certificate.

    You can do it up to 30 days before ur visa expires
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    Basically it's different rules at virtually every Immigration Office in Thailand.

    I've been doing my Retirement Extension (no such thing as a Retirement Visa) at Ayutthaya where showing up in clean shorts and a Polo shirt is formal enough regarding dress code.

    As previously mentioned, passport photos, copies of the Non Immigrant O Visa, Bank Letter, Bank Book showing 800K or Mr. Earl's method which works just fine too plus the TM7 & TM8 forms provided you want a multi-entry.

    Generally takes 1/2 hour at my office but places like Chang Wattana, the lines are longer.
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