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Thread: Overstay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluke View Post
    I ve overstayed four times , but only by a day on each occasion .
    I did a two-and-a-half overstay stint about 15 years ago...

    Best to avoid this crap and play by the rules.

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    23-10-2014 @ 05:31 PM
    You will find that those people that get locked up get locked up for things other than overstay and just happen to also have overstay as well.
    I also knew of another guy who worked offshore. When his contract finished he came here on a 30 day waiver and stayed till he got another job. his passport was full of overstay stamps and he never had any trouble leaving or entering again. You do get those who insist that overstay will result in a long stay in an immigration detention centre where you will be gang raped every night, deported and blacklisted from ever coming back to Thailand. Either that or the posters who put overstay on par with nailing young children to doors
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    hey...i have 1 year overstay because my passport was revked over some back child support....i was just notified that i ac get a temp passport to back to the us ....i was checking on my ticket today and i asked the travel agent just c whay she would say...she said that up till 6 months overstay i would have to pay the max the after that pay 1000 a month for the rest of the this right? anyway im trying to find out the truth before i leave on the 1 st...thanks pls reply

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    the max is 20,000 baht mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necron99 View Post
    ^ it's not 1970 anymore Earl.
    Do as you describe and all sorts of alarm bells would ring when you tried to leave Malaysia and they see there is no record of your entry.
    It's all computerized.
    I use that border..think he is referring to the exit from Thailand is very busy there at times...lots of commerce back and forth trucks and people and visa runs from Samui and Phuket. Wife often walks across with me, no passport or ID but that is with the wave of a hand from immigration.
    he could/would still go through the Malaysian immigration of course ..not sure if they look for your Thai exit stamp though. Bad idea
    I once had an overstay charge for 8 days, through my own myopic stupidity..reading the until date as a 7 instead of a 1...was not a problem. No issues with new visa a few months back. Seen lots of eastern European visa runners paying overstay.

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    my personal experience with my car and entering Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia,
    they never look in the car!!
    but then u have left Thailand illegally an entered another country illegally as well so what do u do next?

    IF u go to your emabssy an report ur passport stolen /lost they will check an see if u came in legally and .....
    then ur in a load of shit.
    NO way you could fly anywhere as then u go thru immigration....
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