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Hello guys,

I am coming to Thailand from the USA WITHOUT a 60 day tourist visa because I will also book a trip to Angeles while in Bangkok and depart before day 30 when my visa upon arrival in Thailand expires.

My question is Thai Immigration won't know that I am going to book the Angeles trip while in Bangkok and will only see my arrival day and my departure day roughly 75 days apart.

Will this be ok with immigration???

Thank you for any help,

I have traveled to Thailand from the UK several times on a one way ticket. Never had a problem. As I am now living in Thailand I have to purchase my air ticket in Thailand and have never been asked by any airline in the UK for proof of visa prior to boarding.

You are living in Thailand on 30 day entry visa exempt stamps ?
No initially on a one year multiple entry visa issued in UK (usual 90 day exit rule applies) used to go on visa run to Tac to enter Burma never a problem getting a further 90 extension with no costs involved. Then changed to a one year marital visa issued in Thailand with the usual 90 report attached to it at the local immigration office. Still never asked about return flights out at any time.