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    11/11 ... 11th November ... what in the World

    Many remember 11/11 as a special time to remember the fallen, the sacrifices made by our service men and woman.

    Remembrance Day (11 November) is a national holiday in France and Belgium. It commemorates the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at 11:00 am—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month."
    My Dad was regular Army, so it's a special day for me.

    In time, I'll teach my Boys about their Grandfather.

    But ...


    It's not remembered in all countries, which is natural enough.

    If you weren't part of the 'War to end all Wars' it might just be another day.

    Well, not in China ... it's very special to them, for a different reason.


    Half a billion shoppers expected to participate in Singles Day 2019 — here's what you need to know

    China's Singles Day, or Double 11, is the biggest sales event in the world.

    It's the world's largest single-day sale.

    Key points:
    • Double 11, or Singles Day, dwarfs all other online sales events worldwide
    • The ongoing trade war could see Chinese consumers avoid US products
    • Australian products are expected to be in hot demand during the event

    Held annually on November 11, China's so-called 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is now larger than US equivalents Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. This is its 11th year.

    It was originally known as Singles Day because 11.11 resembles four "single sticks" — a Chinese term used to refer to bachelors.
    While the obscure tradition of Bachelors Day began in 1993 at Nanjing University in Beijing, e-commerce behemoth Alibaba turned it into a shopping festival in 2009 on its Taobao website.

    Double 11 is now marked across all of China's major e-commerce platforms including Alibaba's Tmall and Taobao, and their competitor

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    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”


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    You can always rely on the chinkies to do something tacky.

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