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    Quote Originally Posted by sabang View Post
    I think the West should sack this clown as preferred Putin opposition, and hire Pussy Riot instead.
    Yeah. I want to see this again

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    Foreign Ministry invited the West to deal with Assange in response to demands on Navalny
    22 April 2021

    There are many people in Western countries who need medical attention - for example, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange . This was announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry in response to demands related to the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK, included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent) Alexei Navalny , RIA Novosti reports .

    “There are many people in your countries who require medical assistance, for example, Assange, take care of them,” the Foreign Ministry suggested.

    A similar statement was made earlier by the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin . He reminded Western politicians of the fate of Assange and a former employee of the US National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden , suggesting that they should be concerned about them, and not about the observance of human rights in Russia. According to him, Assange is now in prison, unable to communicate even with human rights defenders.

    Ombudsman for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova on Wednesday, April 21, said that four doctors not from the system of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) were allowed to see Navalny . According to her, there are no serious concerns. Moskalkova noted that the prisoner receives all the necessary therapy, he is given IVs.

    Navalny is serving a sentence in correctional colony No. 2 (IK-2) in the Vladimir region. At the end of March, it became known about the deterioration of his health; on April 19, the FSIN reported that he was being transferred to a hospital for convicts. It was noted that a therapist, neurosurgeon, neurologist, nutritionist and psychiatrist examined the oppositionist in connection with his complaints of deteriorating health. He also underwent MRI, ultrasound, ECG.

    МИД предложил Западу заняться Ассанжем в ответ на требования по Навальному: Политика: Мир:

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