On this trip, our Spirit of Asia team takes you into Satun’s Earth heritage. Satun UNESCO Global Geopark is located exclusively in Satun province of southern Thailand, and covers four districts: Thungwa, La-ngu, Manang, and part of Muang District.

We take you under the metaphorical belly of a prehistoric elephant, through a sea cave called Tum Le Stegodon, named after the fossils of the Stegadon Elephant that existed even before mammoths. We visit earth heritage tourism destinations full of fossils of seashells, octopi, fish and creatures resembling today’s horseshoe crab called trilobites.

Fossils have been deposited here over many geologic ages, and remain to this day as records that help geologists decipher “the history of the earth”. There are still many sites in which geologists have yet to explore and record their findings. All the while, the locals residing in the areas surrounding Satun Geopark have been promoting their unique marketing points by transforming the mammalian fossil assemblage of the Stegodon Elephant into “a tourism symbol”. The fossils of other animals are also being used to create new presentations for community products. We will take you on a journey across geological time, to a place where beings that existed 542 million years apart get to meet face-to-face, here in Satun Province of Thailand.