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    There is also an American Prep School that I pass on the way to Makro, I don't know anything about it but found their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GooMaiRoo View Post
    Thanks for the Bloomsbury review. Holy sh*t. 1.5 our of 10? Not encouraging, but I'll need to investigate more.
    Don't necessarily place too much value into those reviews, they are notoriously of low value because they are anonymous and liable to attract unhappy staff with an axe to grind. But certainly food for thought prior to making a decision.

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    My kids are in a school system rated in top 10% in the USA. In my 7th grader's geography(!) class they made sure students were taught the definition of 'white male supremacy' but they cannot locate the Indian Ocean or Brazil on map. Three years of Spanish (with top grades) and my 7th grader can't respond to 'Cuantos anos tienes? And these American kids are going to compete with Chinese and Indians in a global workforce? I'll keep looking for a decent school in the South for them. Thanks for your responses.

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