RANONG, 27 August 2016 (NNT) – Ranong has introduced a new campaign to promote tourism and trigger development of its local economy.

Ranong Tourism Business Association recently launched a tourism campaign promoting health and green tourism. Under the new campaign, tourists get a chance to travel around the city in wooden vehicles, be fed with ‘Onsen Tamago’ or hot spring eggs, join hot yoga classes, and enjoy mineral hot springs.

Ranong is famous for its wooden vehicles which number more than 300. Sightseeing from one of these vehicles is ideal for travelers who wish to see the natural beauty of Ranong.

Hot yoga is a yoga exercise performed under hot and humid conditions. The heat helps to increase an individual's flexibility in many poses. It also improves balance and posture while reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | Ranong launches its tourism campaign