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    Hat Yai vs. Dannok vs. Betong vs. Sungei Golok?

    Any members familiar with all four places care to offer their succinct appraisal?

    I could do same on Chiang Mai vs. Phnom Penh vs. Singapore vs. Jakarta vs. Kolkata.

    My particular interests in these destinations in the South are...

    1. 80% 'nightlife', particulary of the direct street variety rather than fancy massage and KTV fronts
    2.15% vegetarian food
    3. 3% good value
    4. 1% infrastructure
    5. 1% hot springs

    Will explore for a week. Haven't been deep South since 1991 when SG had a remarkable selection of 'houses' with a Burmese and Chiang Rai flavour. I don't drink alcohol and tire very quickly of crowds of ethnic Chinese whose habits include feasting and boozing instead of the main event. Since I am fond of Tamil food wherever South Indian Malaysian go might be suitable. But not at the cost of great nightlife. I like afternoon delight, not staying up to 3 am which is why I don't like the BKK scene. I land in Had Yai Nov. 3 - in two days.

    Dannok intrigues me the most. Terrorist risk is not a significant factor. I will not be wearing my Charlie Hebdo T-shirt.

    I will post my experiences here.

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    Bring it on dude

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    By night life one assumes you mean whores and their bothies, and skanky beer bars selling tepid beer amid cockroaches and mosquitoes in provincial squalor, patrolled by flea-bitten, mangy soi dogs in streets bordered by dreary, concrete shophouses in varying degrees of decrepitude?

    One can barely still one's beating heart at the prospect of your report.

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    Welcome to the Buffalo Board, Hermes...But you've been lurking for over two years now...

    Are you really the messenger of the gods?...

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