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    Where are you seeing this? FaceBook?

    Where are you seeing this? FaceBook?
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    NOOOO! I’m crushed. Goodbye, Sean Connery,...

    NOOOO! I’m crushed.

    Goodbye, Sean Connery, you beautiful hunk of man.
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    Biden leads Trump by 8 points nationally: FOX...

    Biden leads Trump by 8 points nationally: FOX POLL

    Trump Bashes Fox...
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    Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with killing 2 Kenosha...

    Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with killing 2 Kenosha protesters, extradited to Wisconsin

    An Illinois teen charged with fatally shooting two protesters during demonstrations and unrest in Wisconsin was...
  5. China Now Has The Ability to Track Internet Users Who 'Scale The Wall'

    Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang recently detained and warned an internet user after they were detected using a circumvention tool to read information on Wikipedia, which lies...
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    Provinces preparing Loi Krathong events

    LAMPANG (NNT) - Some provinces outside Bangkok have started celebrating the Loi Krathong festival this year according to their local customs. One of the most notable Loi Krathong celebrations in the...
  7. Cop Made to Apologise for Banner Accusing Bosses...

    Cop Made to Apologise for Banner Accusing Bosses of Withholding Payments

    A young Border Patrol policeman has explained how a photo of him holding up a banner accusing his superiors of not passing...
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    Rolly nearing super typhoon category

    Typhoon Rolly (Goni) could become a super typhoon in the next 12 hours, warned the state weather bureau in its 11 pm bulletin on Friday, October 30.

    The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and...
  9. What in the world is this supposed to mean? You...

    What in the world is this supposed to mean? You Wokesters? Cannon fodder being exploited? And, by a cynical media?

    Cynical describes you to a tee these days.
  10. What Is The Internet Doing To Boomers Brains?

    Saw this article and thought it interesting. Not that it is an unnoticed phenomena on this forum. :) If anyone doesn’t know, I am a Boomer myself.

    I’m hoping our conservative FaceBook, Twitter, or...
  11. ^ Lostandfound was the first thing I thought...

    ^ Lostandfound was the first thing I thought about. I’m sure he is well but will feel much better when he checks in!
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    ^ He really needs to shave that beard off. His...

    ^ He really needs to shave that beard off. His mouth looks like an anus with teeth.
  13. Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of...

    Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ - YouTube
  14. Having a positive outlook on life can prevent memory decline

    EVANSTON, Ill. — Everyone has a favorite memory they want to keep forever. While many things will stick with us into our old age, physical and emotional conditions can eventually rob some of their...
  15. Looks bad. Turkey earthquake – Four dead and...

    Looks bad.

    Turkey earthquake – Four dead and 120 injured as massive 7.0 quake destroys buildings and ‘triggers tsunami’

    7.0 Earthquake Leaves Damage in Greece, Turkey; Tsunami Reported | The...
  16. Strong earthquake strikes Aegean Sea, shaking Turkey, Greece

    ISTANBUL, Oct 30 (Reuters) - A strong earthquake struck the Aegean Sea on Friday and was felt in both Greece and Turkey, where some buildings collapsed in the coastal province of Izmir and a...
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    Loser! Trump changes election night plans,...


    Trump changes election night plans, cancels party at Trump International: report | TheHill
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    Trump says Supreme Court will have aided a Biden...

    Trump says Supreme Court will have aided a Biden win

    President Trump on Friday sought to preemptively place blame on the Supreme Court should he lose reelection and said that Democratic nominee...
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    Walmart removes guns, ammunition from store...

    Walmart removes guns, ammunition from store displays ahead of election amid concerns of civil unrest

    Walmart has pulled guns and ammunition from its sales floors ahead of the election, company...
  20. Philippine National Security Adviser: Communist Rebels Remerge as Top Threat

    Communist insurgents have reemerged as a grave internal security threat to the Philippines, but the government has earmarked billions of pesos to rehabilitate hundreds of villages freed by state...
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    Thailand: Fruit Company Drops Defamation Suit...

    Thailand: Fruit Company Drops Defamation Suit Against Labor Activist

    A Thai pineapple processing company on Wednesday dropped a $9.6 million civil defamation lawsuit against British labor rights...
  22. Sandbags fail to protect Nakhon Ratchasima village from surging floodwater

    Rushing water from Mun River breached sandbag barriers and flooded residential areas in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Thursday.

    More than 40 households in Phimai district have suffered from the...
  23. Coyote dancers bring joy to a funeral in Suphanburi

    A funeral in Suphanburi province turned into a joyous affair on Thursday when the dead man’s wish for a performance by Coyote dancers came true.

    Road accident victim Kritsana Wongkasem’s friends...
  24. Widespread rains forecast for upper Thailand, isolated heavy showers in the South

    The Thailand Meteorological Department said on Friday that a low pressure cell covers the North and Northeast of Thailand, bringing widespread rain to upper Thailand.

    Strong southwesterly winds...
  25. China to seize Philippines if war with US erupts, ex-AFP chief says

    China is expected to seize control of some of the Philippines’ waterways if a war emerges between Beijing and Washington, former Philippine Armed Forces chief Emmanuel Bautista said.

  26. Man held for parading with captured monitor lizards

    A Prachuap Khiri Khan resident, whose favourite pastime was catching monitor lizards and going on motorbike rides with them tied to the passenger seat, was arrested on Friday for animal abuse...
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    Safe robbers arrested, inside 10M cash

    The robbers of a safe with 10 Million THB cash inside have been arrested, officials still searching for the last suspect involved in the crime. The incident took place on 22 August 2020 when a group...
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    The last line.. The group, which "also...

    The last line..

    The group, which "also traffics in Nazi ideology and extreme anti-Semitism," encourages members to train for "insurgency against the U.S. government" and ran a "hate camp" for...
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    FBI arrests white supremacy leader in extremism...

    FBI arrests white supremacy leader in extremism crackdown in Michigan

    Federal agents on Thursday arrested two men, including the self-proclaimed leader of the Base, a violent, white supremacist...
  30. Royalists Send 18,200 Baht to Woman Who Slapped...

    Royalists Send 18,200 Baht to Woman Who Slapped Schoolgirl

    Khao Sod English

    BANGKOK — A woman charged with assault for slapping a schoolgirl who sat through the National Anthem on Thursday...
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    ^^ That rates right up there with ‘the dog ate my...

    ^^ That rates right up there with ‘the dog ate my homework.’
  32. Co-pay program receives positive feedback

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Deputy Spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, Pornchai Theeravet, says the government’s co-pay campaign has been well-received by members of the public and participating shops and...
  33. Cabinet approves one-month extension of emergency decree

    BANGKOK (NNT) - A meeting of cabinet ministers has approved a one-month extension of the current emergency decree nationwide.

    The Government Spokesman, Anucha Burapachaisri, said today the...
  34. Bangkok prepares for another wave of smog

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Following an increase PM 2.5 fine airborne dust, City Hall has installed air quality measuring stations in all 50 Bangkok districts and reintroduced measures aimed at limiting air...
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    Thailand-China ink High Speed Rail deal

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Thailand and China signed a rail construction, train procurement, and personnel training contract for a Bangkok - Nakhon Ratchasima High Speed Rail service on the northeastern line....
  36. New Tests & Requirements for Big Bike Riders

    The Land Transport Department has issued new criteria for big bike riders in Thailand, saying they must bring medical certificates with them when applying for a driving licence.

    On Wednesday,...
  37. Six More Chinese Casino Workers from Myanmar Arrested for Illegal Entry

    Six Chinese nationals have been arrested in the Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai for allegedly entering Thailand illegally and defying the travel ban imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

  38. Philippines: About 3,000 Chinese expelled amid $830m visa scam

    The Philippines Bureau of Immigration (BI) has announced the deportation of nearly 3,000 “erring Chinese” nationals for violating the conditions of their stay.

    The announcement is seen as an act...
  39. Elephants chase after motorbike before driver hides in local house in Chonburi VIDEO

    A motorbike driver was chased after by wild elephants before escaping into a local house in Nongyai. Residents including a pregnant woman have escaped injury last night (October 28).

  40. Uncles truck goes missing from Police Station

    An uncle has been sitting in front of the Royal Thai Police(RTP) Headquarters after his truck went missing from a police station. He finally found the truck but only the vehicle frame was left,...
  41. Antarctica yields oldest fossils of giant birds with 6.4-meter wingspans

    Fossils recovered from Antarctica in the 1980s represent the oldest giant members of an extinct group of birds that patrolled the southern oceans with wingspans of up to 21 feet (6.4 meters) that...
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    Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck in the cold...

    Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck in the cold for hours when buses can’t reach Omaha rally

    By the time President Trump finished speaking to thousands of supporters at Omaha’s Eppley Airfield on...
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