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    Do not confuse North Indian architectural styles

    And discover the history of the Sikhs. The Mughal (Muslim) Emperors tortured and murdered several of their Gurus in the 16th (?) century.

    Fed up with forced conversion they took up arms against...
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    When is langar (free caste-free communal...

    When is langar (free caste-free communal vegetarian meal)? In Canada it is usually Sunday mid-day.

    If you like heavy Punjabi food I recommend Sikh Temple food. You can always make a donation, but...
  3. Hat Yai vs. Dannok vs. Betong vs. Sungei Golok?

    Any members familiar with all four places care to offer their succinct appraisal?

    I could do same on Chiang Mai vs. Phnom Penh vs. Singapore vs. Jakarta vs. Kolkata.

    My particular interests in...
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