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    China Evergrande set to avert default as property...

    China Evergrande set to avert default as property developer reportedly pays off bond interest

    Evergrande has remitted the funds for a key interest payment that was due Sept. 23 — ahead of a...
  8. ‘Delinquent’ Matt Gaetz Currently Blocked from...

    ‘Delinquent’ Matt Gaetz Currently Blocked from Practicing Law

    This is one bar tab Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) may regret not paying.

    Faced with an onslaught of accusations that he engaged in...
  9. Thailand Post Tests Parcel Delivery By Drone

    Thailand Post tested drone delivery for the first time on Wednesday with a plan to start delivering medicines to patients difficult to reach by regular mail carriers.

    The mail delivery service...
  10. Thai police crack open two major international trafficking rings

    In an expansive sting operation, police netted several suspects believed to be involved in two human-trafficking cases – one getting Thais illegal jobs in Cambodia and the other involving Rohingya...
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    Curfew to end in 17 tourist provinces

    BANGKOK: The prime minister has ordered an end to the curfew in 17 provinces, including Bangkok, from Oct 31 to support the reopening of the country to fully vaccinated foreign tourists on Nov 1.
  12. Thread: Dinner

    by misskit

    Chitty could do well with the frozen veggies in...

    Chitty could do well with the frozen veggies in the steam-in-the-mickey-wave bags. Nuke for 5 minutes and beautiful broccoli. No need to boil hell out of the greens.
  13. Took a look at Medjet policies. Expat coverage...

    Took a look at Medjet policies. Expat coverage (365 days) $675 a year. With AARP member discount $580 a year.
    Premier Air Medical Transport and Travel Protection | Medjet
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    Taliban beheaded female volleyball player, posted...

    Taliban beheaded female volleyball player, posted photos online, coach says

    An Afghan volleyball player on the girls’ national team was beheaded by the Taliban — with gruesome photos of her...
  15. Another storm to hit Thailand late next week, heavy rain forecast

    People living in Thailand’s eastern, lower central, and upper southern regions are advised to brace for heavy rain next Friday and Saturday when an atmospheric depression is expected to make landfall...
  16. Three markets in Chiang Mai locked down for three days of disinfection

    Chiang Mai’s adjacent Waroros, Ton Lamyai and flower markets have been closed down for three days, starting today (Thursday), for disinfection, while surrounding areas have been placed under maximum...
  17. Covid-19 patients battle in field hospital, 1 stabbed with scissors

    Covid-19 patients go into battle at a field hospital ending in 1 injured person. The incident took place at the Surathani Rajabhat University in Surat Thani Province. The fight started during...
  18. Cabinet greenlights additional handouts under 4 aid schemes

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Cabinet has given its endorsement to increase funding for 4 government schemes created to reduce people’s cost of living and stimulate spending.

    The Cabinet endorsed a...
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    Kanchanaburi Province hit by flash floods

    KANCHANABURI (NNT) - Four districts of Kanchanaburi province have been severely hit by flash floods, prompting evacuation in many areas. Army units have been deployed to help communities move their...
  20. Dental clinics urged to adopt COVID-Free Setting as patient number declines

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The COVID-19 pandemic has led to fewer patients visiting their dentists out of infection concerns. The Department of Health is recommending dental clinics adopt the COVID-Free Setting...
  21. Mobile app offers free on-site repairs by vocational students

    PATHUM THANI (NNT) - The Ministry of Education has launched the “Chang Achiwa” mobile application to facilitate free, on-site repair of appliances and machinery by vocational students from Fix It...
  22. Diesel price to be maintained at 30 baht per liter

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The government’s energy policy administration council has approved a proposal to subsidize the pricing of diesel in order to maintain the retail price at 30 baht.

    Deputy Prime...
  23. Five senior police repositioned after raids find venues selling alcohol

    Five senior police officials from the Lumpini Police Station were ordered repositioned by the Royal Thai Police on Sunday, October 17th, after allegedly neglecting the illegal sales of alcoholic...
  24. Air emissions of PM2.5 dust particle reach unhealthy levels in many parts of Thailand

    Air emissions of PM2.5 dust particles have exceeded the standard in many areas across the country, reaching an unhealthy level that could potentially cause long-term health issues, according to the...
  25. Australian town overwhelmed by response to free land offer

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — The Australian Outback town of Quilpie hoped its offer of free residential land to anyone who would make it their home might attract five new families to the remote...
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    Just finished the second episode and hooked.

    Just finished the second episode and hooked.
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    Sticky: Putin orders nonwork week as COVID numbers rise...

    Putin orders nonwork week as COVID numbers rise in Russia

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered the country’s workers to stay off work for a week starting later this...
  28. Yeah, but, Medicare doesn’t pay for assisted...

    Yeah, but, Medicare doesn’t pay for assisted living or long term care. For sure cheaper in Thailand.

    Medivac insurance? Still trying to figure this all out.
  29. And along comes the RFA to rain on the parade. :)...

    And along comes the RFA to rain on the parade. :)

    As first Chinese high-speed train reaches Laos, villagers demand overdue compensation

    The first bullet train to serve the Laos-China...
  30. Me, too. When I finally get to go back to...

    Me, too. When I finally get to go back to Thailand, I will continue to pay for Medicare B premium just for that reason.

    Mudcat says at 71, his premium is 100,000 baht a year which seems fair to...
  31. Floods, landslides kill 116 in India and Nepal

    The death toll from days of flooding and landslides in India and Nepal crossed 100 on Wednesday, including several families swept away or crushed in their homes by avalanches of mud and rocks.

  32. Health insurance coverage adjusted to attract...

    Health insurance coverage adjusted to attract more long-stay, high-spending elderly expats

    This article contains an interesting paragraph. Wonder what this is about?

    The new rules also...
  33. Music Teacher Arrested for Molesting Young Schoolboys

    Police in Bangkok on Tuesday arrested a male music teacher for the alleged sexual abuse of at least three schoolboys he instructed, crime suppression police reported.

    The music teacher was...
  34. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya giving expats free Pfizer vaccines

    A Pattaya hospital opened registration today to foreigners over 18 for free vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine.

    Any non-citizens who have not been inoculated previously can register online for...
  35. Wichit Na Ranong steps in over Soi Paniang wastewater

    PHUKET: Wichit Na Ranong, often referred to as the ‘Father of Phuket Tourism’, has offered Rassada Municipality use of private land to help monitor wastewater levels flowing into the Soi Paniang...
  36. Huay Yai Police hunting for alleged gold snatcher in Pattaya area

    Huay Yai Police are hunting for an alleged gold snatcher after a 50-year-old man reported to police that he lost a gold necklace worth almost 60,000 baht in Banglamung last night around 10:00 P.M....
  37. 235 people, including minors, arrested at restaurant¯ in Khon Kaen

    A total of 235 customers, including nine juveniles, were captured at a local establishment in the Mueng district of Khon Kaen province in the early hours of this morning, October 20th, for allegedly...
  38. Thailand will enter winter season by the end of October

    Thailand is expected to officially enter winter by the end of October, according to the Thai Meteorological Department statement today, October 19th.

    The department forecasted the arrival of...
  39. 150th annual Chonburi Buffalo Festival held, but in a majorly toned-down manner

    The annual Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival, the 150th Annual Edition, was held today (October 20th). However, the events have been toned down to primarily only a buffalo parade. The popular major...
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    Fighting form, even as the end neared As death...

    Fighting form, even as the end neared

    As death approached, Colin Powell was still in fighting form.

    "I've got multiple myeloma cancer, and I've got Parkinson's disease. But otherwise I'm...
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    When I first moved to Mae Jo, I was the only...

    When I first moved to Mae Jo, I was the only falang around. They would sound the falang alarm when I went to the local market. FALANG! FALANG! Now they know my name at the market and Mae Jo is full...
  42. Philippines Catches Abu Sayyaf Suspect Involved in Abductions, Beheadings of 2 Canadi

    Authorities in the southern Philippines have arrested a suspected Abu Sayyaf militant, who acted as a ransom negotiator and was involved in the abductions of two Canadians who were executed by the...
  43. Medics at Udon Thani hospital protest over unpaid hazard allowances

    About 50 nurses and other medical personnel working at the Udon Thani provincial hospital have protested to the management over its alleged failure to pay them hazard allowances for having to work...
  44. Nakhon Ratchasima municipal area submerged for second time in less than a month

    Overflow from the Lam Takhong River and runoff from Soong Nern and Kham Talay Sor districts have flooded the municipal area of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima for the second...
  45. New seamless travel through toll plazas on Motorway No 9 from October 29

    Thailand’s Highways Department will put the new M-Flow toll system on tests from October 29th at Dan Tap Chang and Dan Tanya Buri toll plazas on Motorway No 9, which will allow seamless travel for...
  46. Arrest made for the 14 year old murder of pregnant girl

    An arrest was finally made for the murder of a pregnant girl that happened 14 years ago. This case has been cold since the murder was committed in 2007, and the fugitive has been on the run ever...
  47. Swine farms, pork production severely affected by flooding, covid

    Flash floods have disrupted pig production, resulting in higher operating costs with farmers bearing more burden, a pig farmer told Thai Enquirer on Tuesday.

    “Flash flood hit my farm on the...
  48. Bangkok named world’s best ’workation’ destination

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Despite the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic affecting countries around the world, Thailand’s capital of Bangkok continues to gain popularity among international visitors. It was recently...
  49. Govt promises to do its best to assist laid-off garment workers

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The government has emphasized it is doing its best to take care of laid-off garment workers, in response to a protest staged by workers from a lingerie factory. The Ministry of Labour...
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    Banks to return money to cardholders who...

    Banks to return money to cardholders who encounter recent irregular transactions

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Abnormal money deductions through accounts tied to people’s credit and debit cards have affected...
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