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  1. Pandemic knocks over 14% off value of Social Security Fund

    The Covid-19 crisis has wiped more than 14 per cent off the value of the Social Security Fund (SSF)'s investment portfolio. The fund plays an important role in the Thai stock market, investing over...
  2. Thailand takes first legal action against Facebook, Twitter over content

    BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand began legal action on Thursday against Facebook and Twitter for ignoring requests to take down content, in its first such move against major internet firms.

  3. Four men rob temple abbot of 130,000 baht

    Bangpahan district police in the central Thai province of Ayutthaya are still looking for four young men who robbed the abbot of Dokmai Buddhist Temple on the night of Tuesday (Sept 22, 2020), the...
  4. 70% of all Phuket tourism businesses remain closed

    PHUKET: Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew has revealed the nearly 70% all tourism businesses across Phuket remain closed due to the economic impact of COVID-19.

    According to data collected by the...
  5. Woman claims group of men who claimed they were police extorted her

    Pattaya Police are investigating after a Thai woman has reported that four men who claimed they were police extorted money from her over having drugs this week in the Pattaya area.

    Ms. Anantaya...
  6. Supreme Court dismisses Thai firms copyright claim over Ultraman

    Thailand’s Supreme Court’s Division for Intellectual Property Rights and International Trade has rejected an appeal by a Thai production house, claiming copyright over movies about Japan’s superhero...
  7. One of the Japanese restaurants here did the same...

    One of the Japanese restaurants here did the same thing. They closed their dining room and remodeled the front entrance to a walk-up counter. Reminds me of Tokyo.
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    ^ :( I’ve not had the chance to get past the...

    ^ :( I’ve not had the chance to get past the first episode.
  9. Thread: In Memoriam

    by misskit

    I can imagine him wearing ballet slippers and a...

    I can imagine him wearing ballet slippers and a tutu on the bottom unseen half of the photo.
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    Sticky: Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine is fourth...

    Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine is fourth to begin Phase 3 trials in the United States

    (CNN)Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine candidate begins Phase 3 trials in the United States today....
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    FBI warns disinformation campaigns may target...

    FBI warns disinformation campaigns may target 2020 election results

    Americans should look to state election officials for trusted results in November, the FBI said Tuesday, as bad actors may try...
  12. White House ricin package suspect in court

    A Canadian woman has been charged in US federal court for allegedly posting a letter with deadly ricin poison to President Donald Trump.

    Pascale Ferrier, of Quebec, was arrested at a border...
  13. Russian Narcotics Officer Caught Growing Marijuana to Meet Drug Arrest Quota

    A senior Russian narcotics officer is suspected of growing marijuana with the intent of planting the drugs on innocent people, investigators have said.

    Authorities opened the investigation after...
  14. Philippines’ Duterte to UN: 2016 Ruling on South...

    Philippines’ Duterte to UN: 2016 Ruling on South China Sea ‘Beyond Compromise’

    The Philippine president made a strident statement Tuesday on the South China Sea to the United Nations General...
  15. 2 million methamphetamine pills found in parked truck

    Police found more than 2 million methamphetamine pills in a truck parked at petrol station at Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Bang Saphan Noy district. Police are still looking for the driver.

  16. Two Long Weekend Holidays Approved to Boost Tourism

    Two long-weekend holidays approved by the cabinet on Tuesday are meant to stimulate tourism, says Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

    The two holidays were proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and...
  17. Thailands E-Commerce Vendors to Be Fined for Not Displaying Price

    Thailand’s e-Commerce vendors who refuse to display their prices for products on their pages will now face severe penalties. Many online e-Commerce vendors only reveal their prices to potential...
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  19. How horrible for that poor woman to lose her...

    How horrible for that poor woman to lose her three men at once.

    I can only imagine one going down to do work, passed out from lack of oxygen, then the second went to help, then the third.
  20. Nude food delivery biker let off with a fine

    A food deliverer seen riding his motorcycle without clothes in Songkhla province reported himself to police on Monday (September 21)

    On Monday, a video of a naked man riding a motorcycle with a...
  21. Rescue staff pull three bodies out of deep well

    Rescue staff in Chaiyaphum showed up late on Monday (September 21) to pull the bodies of three men – a father and two sons – up from the bottom of an artesian well.

    Police in Ban Pao area of...
  22. Phuket Governor Pleads for Help as Islands Economy in Severe Crisis

    On Monday, Phuket’s governor asked all stakeholders to help restore its economy as quickly as possible after figures show the province has lost more than 400 billion baht since the outbreak of...
  23. You black, you bad, you trash: pro-democracy Thai beauty queen faces internet backl

    A newly crowned beauty queen has become the target of social media bullying after voicing support for Thailand’s pro-democracy protesters.

    Pacharaporn “Nam” Chantarapadit, who was crowned Miss...
  24. LPG price for household use to be frozen until year end

    Thailand’s Energy Policy Committee (EPC) has decided to freeze the retail price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for household use for three months, in order to ease the financial burden on people...
  25. BGRIM CEO Preeyanart named most influential business woman by Forbes Asia

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Preeyanart Soontornwata, Chief Executive Officer of B.Grimm Power Plc (BGRIM) was chosen as one of 25 Most Powerful Business Women in Asia in 2020 by Forbes Asia Magazine.

  26. Copyright infringement! Hollywood action clips...

    Copyright infringement!

    Hollywood action clips spotted in China airforce video - France 24
  27. China air force video appears to show simulated attack on U.S. base on Guam

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s air force has released a video showing nuclear-capable H-6 bombers carrying out a simulated attack on what appears to be Andersen Air Force Base on the U.S. Pacific island...
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    Sticky: Fresh Surge in U.S. Coronavirus Cases Is Feared...

    Fresh Surge in U.S. Coronavirus Cases Is Feared as Death Toll Nears 200,000

    The U.S. reported 39,844 new coronavirus cases Sunday and was closing in on 200,000 deaths, amid fears that the country...
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    Sticky: Madrid asks for help from Spanish army against...

    Madrid asks for help from Spanish army against coronavirus surge

    MADRID (Reuters) - The regional chief of Madrid requested on Monday help from the army to fight the coronavirus surge in and around...
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    ^^ I watched the first episode of Ratched last...

    ^^ I watched the first episode of Ratched last night. I’m in. We’ve got Sarah Paulson vs. Judy Davis in a thriller series!
  31. SET slumps over protesters promise to rally next month

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed at 1,275.16 today (September 21), down 13.23 points or 1.03 per cent. The volume of total transactions was Bt40.18 billion with an index high of...
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    Woman shot dead in Bangkok temple

    A woman allegedly shot dead an online vendor at a temple in the Bang Khae district of Bangkok on Monday (September 21) and fled the scene.

    Phasi Charoen Police Station was notified of the crime at...
  33. Alcohol Banned in National Parks as Tourists Misbehave

    Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa has pledged to blacklist certain groups of tourists from entering national parks across the country if they cannot refrain from causing damage or littering in...
  34. Tropical Storm Noul Breaks Off Part of Island

    A large section of an island in the Mu Ko Angthong National Marine Park in Surat Thani Province has split off from the main island, probably because heavy rain and strong waves caused the limestone...
  35. Mexican archaeologists identify the first Mayan slave ship to have ever been discover

    (CNN)Archaeologists in Mexico have confirmed that a shipwreck discovered off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula once carried captured Mayans who were sold into slavery.

    It is the first Mayan slave...
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    ^ There is no honor among his band of thieves.

    ^ There is no honor among his band of thieves.
  37. Belarus: More protesters come forward with...

    Belarus: More protesters come forward with disturbing accounts of beatings and torture | The World - YouTube
  38. Whataboutism. Again. You do know Mr. Gugino’s...

    Whataboutism. Again.

    You do know Mr. Gugino’s poor treatment was discussed on the appropriate thread?

    How about a comment on Ms. Baginskaya, Klondyke.
  39. ^^Yeah. That’s one bad-ass grandma there! ...

    ^^Yeah. That’s one bad-ass grandma there!

    (Snip) Among those detained on Saturday was Nina Baginskaya, a 73-year-old activist who has become one of the best-known faces of the protest movement,...
  40. VIDEO - ‘Dead’ River Runs Through The Mountains Of Northern Myanmar
  41. Baby elephant grieves after being separated from mum by storm 'Noul'

    A baby elephant was in tears all night on Saturday after being separated from his mother by tropical storm "Noul".

    Officers of Thap Lan National Park in Prachinburi province were notified of the...
  42. Labor Ministry to hold Job Expo next weekend

    BANGKOK(NNT) - To help people who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Labor will be holding a Job Expo Thailand 2020 event next weekend, featuring one million...
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    Trump supporters protest outside Fairfax early...

    Trump supporters protest outside Fairfax early voting site

    FAIRFAX, Va. - First it was mail-in voting.

    Now some of President Trump's supporters are protesting in-person, early voting in...
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    Maybe the US would be better off to find a...

    Maybe the US would be better off to find a vaccine for stupidity. Then we could get a grip on everything else. :(
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    Hubble’s New Views of Jupiter - YouTube...

    Hubble’s New Views of Jupiter - YouTube

    New images of Jupiter show new storm moving at 350 mph

    New photos by the Hubble Space Telescope have shown a 'remarkable new storm' raging across Jupiter...
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    Lhasa Braces For Air-Raid Drill as China Responds...

    Lhasa Braces For Air-Raid Drill as China Responds to India’s Purchase of French Jets

    Chinese authorities in Tibet’s regional capital Lhasa will conduct an air-raid drill on Saturday as China calls...
  47. Potential EU Move to End Preferential Treatment for Philippine Imports Angers Manila

    The Philippines pushed back Friday against European Union lawmakers for endorsing a potential halt to preferential treatment given to many Filipino imports, as EU officials cited concerns about...
  48. China a Target of US Coast Guard's New Anti-Illegal Fishing Strategy

    The United States Coast Guard has called out China’s massive distant-water fishing fleet for extractive practices in the waters of its Southeast Asian neighbors and off the coasts of Central America...
  49. Free SkyTrain ride for cyclists on Bangkok Car Free Day

    Bangkok commuters can ride SkyTrain of the Bangkok Mass Transit System Pcl free on Bangkok Car Free Day on September 22 if they carry a bicycle along.

    BTSC chief executive officer Surapong...
  50. Phuket residents going hungry after local government assistance runs out

    Residents in Phuket, particularly those living in and around the west coast townships, are reportedly going hungry as the government’s municipal budget to provide food has been depleted. Despite...
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