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    ^^ Me, too. It’s very upsetting for me. Just...

    ^^ Me, too. It’s very upsetting for me.

    Just yesterday morning, in the doctor’s office, the phlebotomist told me she didn’t want to wear a mask at work. She didn’t think they helped because she...
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    ^ Hopefully, her feet don’t get too large as...

    ^ Hopefully, her feet don’t get too large as there is a dearth of women’s shoes over size 40 in Thailand! Don’t know when the shoemakers will take the hint and make some nice shoes in larger sizes...
  3. Man caught carrying 18 pipe bombs, 3 guns in Bangkok

    Police in Bangkok’s Pathumwan district caught a man carrying 18 pipe bombs this morning.

    The suspect, aged around 40, was spotted acting suspiciously near Pathumwan intersection. A search of his...
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    Foraging elephants poisoned by paraquat

    Three of the seven poisoned elephants arrive at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang for urgent treatment, after paraquat contaminated grass at a border village in Omkoi district, Chiang Mai.

    Five of...
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    Thais are getting taller it is official

    Have you ever thought that Thais are getting taller as the years go by? Well now it’s official: The Public Health Ministry has raised its standard height for Thai children, men and women.

  6. Thai Government confirms Pornhub, other major adult websites, will stay blocked

    The Thai Government, through the Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Society, confirmed tonight that popular adult website Pornhub will stay blocked in Thailand, giving the reason that the website...
  8. Japan's tsunami survivors call lost loves on the phone of the wind

    OTSUCHI, Japan (Reuters) - In a garden on a hill, under the wide boughs of a cherry tree, a white phone booth glistens in the early spring light.

    Inside, Kazuyoshi Sasaki carefully dials his...
  9. Thai Government to release “guidelines” for safely celebrating Songkran by mid-month

    Thai Government officials, a day after announcing that Songkran, Thailand’s biggest annual holiday and The Thai New Year, would take place this year, stated this afternoon, March 4th, 2021, that they...
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    Perhaps the most critical, though.

    Perhaps the most critical, though.
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    ^ Let’s see your chicken tikka masala from...

    ^ Let’s see your chicken tikka masala from scratch, smarmy pants.
  12. Exclusive: Three Myanmar police seek refuge in...

    Exclusive: Three Myanmar police seek refuge in India rather than carry out junta's orders

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Three Myanmar police officers have crossed over the border into northeastern India...
  13. 'I will shoot whoever I see': Myanmar soldiers...

    'I will shoot whoever I see': Myanmar soldiers use TikTok to threaten protesters

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Armed Myanmar soldiers and police are using TikTok to deliver death threats to protesters...
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    Using a packet of spices isn’t too big of a...

    Using a packet of spices isn’t too big of a cheat. I do it, too. :spin:It’s pretty hard to make a spice mixture for Indian food. There are so many ingredients!

    I do draw a line at a can of boiled...
  15. ^ They should really station a policeman at that...

    ^ They should really station a policeman at that spot! :)
  16. Suspect Arrested In Schoolgirl Rape & Murder Case

    Early on Saturday morning, police arrested the prime suspect in the rape and murder of a 15-year-old schoolgirl in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district.

    Provincial Police Region 9 commissioner Pol Lt Gen...
  17. Mayoral Candidate Killed & Others Wounded As Gunmen Open Fire At Funeral

    On Monday night, a woman running for mayor in the 28th March municipal election was killed and several others were wounded, when gunmen opened fire on people gathered for a funeral at a temple in...
  18. Thai navy sailors rescue adorable cats from ship fire

    In an act of good deed, navy officials have rescued 4 cats from a ship that had caught fire and began to sink about 13 kilometres off Adang Island in the southern province of Satun. The ship’s 8...
  19. 'Passport error' keeps man's body at Thai hospital

    A woman whose stepfather died in Thailand two weeks ago says the hospital there will not release his body in a mix-up over passport numbers.

    David Donoghue, 75, who retired to Phuket 15 years...
  20. Arrest warrant for medic accused of injecting troops with fake Covid-19 vaccine

    The Bangkok Military Court has issued an arrest warrant for a Royal Thai Army medic who is accused of injecting troops with a fake Covid-19 vaccine. He reportedly made more than 100,000 baht by...
  21. Look into your rear view before making a U-turn

    A 56-year-old female motorcycle rider and her 6-year-old nephew were killed this morning (March 3, 2021) after the rider made a sudden U-turn without giving a right-turn signal to a speeding pick-up...
  22. Fake lottery gang arrested after cashing in ticket

    A fake lottery gang has been arrested after cashing in the tickets. Police Major General Suwat Sangnum and other related officials from the the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) reported on 28...
  23. DRT Launches Phase 2 of Bangkok’s Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Department of Rail Transport (DRT) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are in talks on Phase 2 of...
  24. No Evidence to Show Thai Bats Cause Covid-19

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Thai researchers have insisted that the coronavirus found in a horseshoe bat population in Chachoengsao province last year is not a strain that is transmissible to humans, after...
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    Sticky: THAILAND 10 Groups of People Are Prohibited from...

    THAILAND 10 Groups of People Are Prohibited from Receiving Sinovac Vaccine

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has received 66,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine allotted by...
  26. Power outage to affect water supply in central, western Phuket

    PHUKET: A power outage around the Bang Neow Dum reservoir in Srisoonthorn will result in water supply outages in central and western parts of the island on Friday (Mar 5).

    The Phuket Provincial...
  27. Massive python, over 100 kilograms, caught in Chonburi VIDEO

    The following is a video that shows the capture of a massive python in the Chonburi area yesterday, March 2nd, 2021.

    Here is the full video of the capture of a massive 100kg python yesterday in...
  28. Prominent pro-democracy singer confirmed being arrested in Ayutthaya

    Bangkok –

    The Metropolitan Police Bureau announced the arrest of pro-democracy activist and singer Ammy “Bottom Blues”, or Chai-amorn Kaewviboon, at the early hour of this morning, March 3rd,...
  29. Nine killed in Myanmar as police fire to break up protests

    (Reuters) - Myanmar security forces opened fire on protests against military rule on Wednesday killing nine people, witnesses and media reported, a day after neighbouring countries called for...
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    ^ Wow! Bradford pear on the road nearby....

    ^ Wow!

    Bradford pear on the road nearby. They are ornamental pears which are invasive species in this area. A beautiful pest.
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    Trees are grand!

    Trees are grand!
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    Now ok? I’m not drunk, promise! :bananaman:

    Now ok? I’m not drunk, promise! :bananaman:
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    This photo is from the Pantanal, Brazil thread I...

    This photo is from the Pantanal, Brazil thread I did years ago. Had to find it because of one most memorable tree there.
  34. Dammit.

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    Well, that stinks.

    Well, that stinks.
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    Seaside trees on Jekyll Island, Ga. ...

    Seaside trees on Jekyll Island, Ga.
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    Sticky: Was on a telemedicine appointment with my...

    Was on a telemedicine appointment with my mother’s doctor earlier this week and I complained about the second Moderna vaccine being put off. She said not to even consider combining vaccines as there...
  39. 1.7 million Thais with no smartphones register for "Rao Chana" benefits

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Rao Chana scheme has seen a large number of Thais who don’t have smartphones visiting the branches of Krung Thai Bank (KTB) and its mobile units around the country to register in...
  40. Firefighters battle forest fires in Chiang Mai

    CHIANG MAI (NNT) - A satellite has detected more than one hundred hot spots in Chiang Mai Province, most of which are on steep hills in forest conservation areas.

    Most of the hot spots were...
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    Thailand officially enters summer

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Meteorological Department announced today that the Thai winter has ended and Thailand is now welcoming summer with temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius or more to be expected.

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    Dust haze settles over Phuket

    PHUKET: The Regional Environment Office 15, based in Phuket, has issued an advisory for people to monitor their ease of breathing following a dust haze from Bangladesh and Myanmar settling over...
  43. Two people die after container falls off of trailer truck and lands on drivers

    Two people have been pronounced dead at the scene after a container slipped out from a trailer truck in Si Racha yesterday and landed on the cab of the vehicle.

    The Laem Chabang Police was...
  44. Canadian expat and 3-year-old son suffer minor injuries in Pattaya area motorbike

    A Canadian expat and his 3-year-old son have sustained mostly minor injuries after a motorbike accident in Banglamung yesterday morning (February 27th).

    Emergency responders were notified of the...
  45. At least seven dead on bloodiest day of Myanmar protests against coup

    (Reuters) - Myanmar police fired on protesters on Sunday in the bloodiest day of weeks of demonstrations against a military coup and at least seven people were killed and several wounded, political...
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    Sticky: USA: FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for...

    USA: FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine

    The Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization Saturday to Johnson & Johnson to...
  47. Female shopper whips off her THONG and wears it as a Covid face mask: VIDEO

    THIS is the shocking moment a shopper whipped off her thong in the middle of a supermarket and donned it as a face covering after being refused service.

    The viral clip shows the female customer...
  48. Every weekend.

    Every weekend.
  49. Chinese Companies Buy up UK Private Schools, Sparking Fears of CCP Influence

    Chinese companies have bought up 17 U.K. private schools in the United Kingdom in recent years, sparking fears of expanding Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in the country as the schools...
  50. Chiang Mai Police hunt for robbers who stole Bt2 million from ATM

    Hunt is on for robbers who broke open an ATM machine of a Siam Commercial Bank branch in Chiang Mai province and made off with over Bt2 million on Wednesday.

    Chomthong Police Station was alerted...
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