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  1. Novel Coronavirus now global public health emergency: WHO

    Any travel or trade restriction is not recommended, but global solidarity and cooperation in supporting each other, especially for low and middle income countries, said the global health agency.
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    Vanishing Myanmar

    Vanishing Myanmar Photo Gallery - the old day of Myanmar

    “…I just wish that “Vanishing Myanmar” is the record of the land and people that once hid away from the eyes of the outsiders, filling up...
  3. Golden Mountain for the deaths: the merit making in the ninth Chinese Lunar month
    The first week or so in October, when the first day of the ninth Chinese lunar month has descended, many...
  4. Rare Helmeted Hornbills under threat as demands for their casques skyrocketing

    Poaching has shifted from Indonesia and Borneo of Malaysia to Thailand’s southern parks, causing concerns that the small population of the bird would be deeply plunging to a critical point.

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