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  1. Andrew Cuomo’s doubling down. His former aides...

    Andrew Cuomo’s doubling down. His former aides are scratching their heads.

    ALBANY, N.Y. — For the second time this year, Andrew Cuomo finds himself alone in an almost unthinkable political...
  2. Whatever.

  3. ^^ The point isn’t that the person who was caught...

    ^^ The point isn’t that the person who was caught with their pants down denies what they did. It is that people in the Democratic party are more apt to point out and expel their own for malfeasance....
  4. Took a look online and found lots of tough...

    Took a look online and found lots of tough motorcyclists already making that trip.

  5. Umlingla Pass: India builds world's highest road at 19,300 feet in Ladakh

    The Border Roads Organisation of India has built the world's highest road in eastern Ladakh, at a height of 19,300 feet, according to a government statement released today.

    The road was built at...
  6. Iran sentences German human rights advocate to 10 years in prison over 'propaganda'

    A German-Iranian woman was sentenced to jail on Wednesday for her role in "the management of an unlawful organisation and propaganda operations against the regime," according to HRANA news agency.
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  15. I’ve a good example from today’s news for...

    I’ve a good example from today’s news for Democrats (or liberals) outing their own for misconduct . This is a Daily Beast article.
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    After decades of reliance on oil & gas, Russia...

    After decades of reliance on oil & gas, Russia starts preparations to adapt economy for global green energy transition – reports

    The Russian government is to create a set of working groups to help...
  17. India hails launch of 1st indigenous aircraft...

    India hails launch of 1st indigenous aircraft carrier for sea trials

    India’s first indigenously designed and built aircraft carrier has set sail for its maiden sea trials. The navy hailed it as a...
  18. Thailand ban on sunscreens with chemicals harmful to corals begins Wednesday

    Thailand’s ban on the use of sunscreen, containing any of four chemicals deemed to be harmful to coral reefs in the country’s national parks, came into effect today (Wednesday), according to an...
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    13-year-old found with chains on his feet

    A 13 year old was found sleeping in a public bathroom with chains on his feet. The Mae Ping Police in Chiang Mai Province received notification of a youth wearing long pants, a jacket with no mask on...
  20. DMS: People with positive antigen test results can receive medications without delay

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Department of Medical Services has provided guidance for people who test positive to COVID-19 using an antigen test kit, as they may not be able to undergo a reverse transcription...
  21. Sandbox Express Bus to help tourists stranded in Phuket

    PHUKET: A joint initiative by Phuket officials and the private sector has launched a ‘Sandbox Express Bus’ service so that Sandbox tourists stuck in Phuket under the current shutdown of flights and...
  22. Local Pattaya residents urge authorities to do more to help the rising homeless

    Locals in Pattaya are urging relevant authorities in the area to “do more” to assist the homeless in the city, which has seen a considerable increase recently due to strict Covid-19 related measures...
  23. Both customers and business owners not happy with mall restaurant “delivery only” rul

    The government’s controversial food delivery rules for restaurants in shopping malls have triggered an outcry from customers and restaurant operators, claiming the rules overcomplicate things and do...
  24. India military seeks to bolster ‘Act East’ policy...

    India military seeks to bolster ‘Act East’ policy with naval deployment to South China Sea

    The Indian Navy has announced the deployment of a naval task force to the South China Sea to bolster...
  25. Britain granted 'dialog partner' status by Southeast Asian bloc

    LONDON, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Britain has been granted "dialog partner" status by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a step forward in London's push to build stronger diplomatic ties in Asia...
  26. Southeast Asia's factory powerhouses hit by vaccination woes, Delta

    BANGKOK/KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Fresh outbreaks of the Delta coronavirus variant in Southeast Asia have crippled its factory sector, disrupting global supplies of goods such as rubber gloves,...
  27. Thai hospital tycoon who promised Pfizer Covid-19...

    Thai hospital tycoon who promised Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine says deal now unlikely

    BANGKOK: The chair of Thailand's Thonburi Healthcare Group said on Wednesday that a deal to import 20 million doses...
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    Sticky: ^^ Thankfully on the other side of the...

    ^^ Thankfully on the other side of the country…for now.:)

    Also, a hawk set up nest at the back of the yard. She and her family are taking care of the varmits. Chipmunks beware!
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    Sticky: U.S. finally reaches milestone of 70% of adults...

    U.S. finally reaches milestone of 70% of adults with at least one COVID-19 shot

    Washington — The U.S. has finally reached the Biden administration's milestone of 70% of American adults having...
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    Sticky: People recovering from Covid may have...

    People recovering from Covid may have ‘substantial’ drop in intelligence

    The long-term effect of a Covid-19 infection could include a drop in intelligence, according to new research.

  31. Missing Belarus Dissident Found Hanged in Ukraine Park

    A missing Belarusian dissident was on Tuesday found hanged in a park in Ukraine, with police opening a murder probe and supporters accusing the regime of Alexander Lukashenko of killing the activist...
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    Sticky: China orders mass testing in Wuhan as COVID...

    China orders mass testing in Wuhan as COVID outbreak spreads

    BEIJING (AP) — China suspended flights and trains, canceled professional basketball league games and announced mass coronavirus testing...
  33. Semi-lockdown begins in 16 more provinces, interprovincial bus services suspended

    Semi-lockdown measures begin today (Tuesday) in the 16 Thai provinces newly included in the COVID-19 “Dark Red” category.

    The measures, officially set to last until the end of August, but...
  34. Insurgents in Southern Thailand Attack Military Base Killing Army Ranger

    Police report armed insurgents have attacked the 45th Army Rangers Task Force operations base killing one ranger and seriously injuring four others in southern Thailand’s Narathiwat province early on...
  35. Suspect with Covid-19 escapes on stolen motorbike

    Police are on the hunt for a suspect infected with Covid-19. He escaped on a motorbike stolen from a villager. The suspect was arrested...
  36. Mobile jab unit vaccinating over 4,000 vulnerable Bangkokians per day

    A mobile vaccination team tasked with protecting Bangkok’s most vulnerable residents has jabbed more than 4,000 at-risk people per day over the past three weeks, authorities said on Tuesday.

  37. DIT says no need to stock up on commodities

    BANGKOK (NNT) - During the last few days, it has become obvious that some shelves in convenient stores are now empty due to a rising demand for food and commodities. The Department of Internal Trade...
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    Man arrested for stealing food

    PHUKET: A 37-year-old man has been arrested for stealing food and other essential household items from the baskets on motorbikes parked in front of convenience stores as he had no money to buy...
  39. Thai Bankers’ Association introduces two-month debt moratorium for customers in dark-

    Commercial banks in Thailand have introduced a two-month debt moratorium for all customers in 29 provinces that are currently in a partial lockdown state, the Thai Bankers’ Association President...
  40. Thailand approves additional $909 mln in virus relief measures

    BANGKOK, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Thailand's cabinet on Tuesday approved an additional 30 billion baht ($909 million) in relief measures for those hit by tougher restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19...
  41. Thread: Airline News

    by misskit

    UAE lifts ban on transit flights from India,...

    UAE lifts ban on transit flights from India, Pakistan, other countries

    DUBAI, Aug 3 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates will lift a ban on transit passenger traffic from India, Pakistan, Nigeria...
  42. Coming around. This is a jump in the number of...

    Coming around. This is a jump in the number of people reported to have died.

    State Council sets up investigation team to carry out truthful review of Henan flood disaster that killed 302

  43. US, UK embassies in Afghanistan accuse Taliban of...

    US, UK embassies in Afghanistan accuse Taliban of war crimes

    KABUL (Agencies): The U.S. and British embassies in Kabul said on Monday the insurgent Taliban may have committed war crimes in...
  44. ^ Well, they are now.

    ^ Well, they are now.
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    Sticky: Florida breaks record for COVID-19...

    Florida breaks record for COVID-19 hospitalizations

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A day after it recorded the most new daily cases since the start of the pandemic, Florida on Sunday broke a previous...
  46. Man in motorbike accident warns helpers that he has Covid-19

    A man in a motorbike accident decided to warn good citizens not to come near him as he had Covid-19. He was also honest about his situation when the local rescue team arrived, this is good as there...
  47. Saw this a few days ago but couldn’t find this...

    Saw this a few days ago but couldn’t find this thread.

    Chinese embassies, netizens fire back at Western media over biased Olympics coverage
  48. Frontline health workers eligible for Pfizer jabs

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Ministry of Public Health has issued details of the latest criteria for healthcare workers ready to receive the US-donated Pfizer jabs. Eligibility now includes those who have...
  49. One person killed, two injured, two reportedly flee the scene after a fatal car accid

    One person was instantly killed while two passengers were seriously injured after their pickup truck reportedly bumped into a trailer truck before falling off the side of the road in the Ban Bueng...
  50. Red Line commuter railway service in Bangkok officially launched today

    The State Railway of Thailand’s Red Line railway service has been officially launched today, August 2nd, at an opening ceremony in Bangkok, presided over by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O’Cha.

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