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  1. Trafficked Thai Woman Flown Home From Dubai

    A Thai woman who was duped into working as a prostitute in the United Arab Emirates safely returned to Thailand on Tuesday, authorities said.

    The case garnered public attention after the victim...
  2. Extortion racket by fake police in Pattani busted

    Five fake police in Pattani’s Yaring district were arrested on Monday for extorting money from locals who were into drugs.

    According to the report, Yaring police were informed that there were...
  3. Thailand ranks 9th in number of petty patents filed

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The government’s efforts to reform the country’s intellectual property system have seen tangible results, as the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 has reported that Thailand is...
  4. SRT resumes 18 more trains to North, South and Northeast

    The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) will from Thursday start servicing another 18 routes now that lockdown restrictions have been eased.

    SRT announced on Tuesday that more trains will...
  5. Myanmar man arrested for brutal beating, rape of Thai maid

    PHUKET: Police have arrested a Myanmar man for raping a Thai woman he had hired as a maid at his rented home on the east side of Phuket Town.

    Officers from the Phuket City Police led by Lt Tawan...
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    Reopenings face even more delays

    BANGKOK: The reopening plan for five provinces might be delayed by a month to Nov 1 as each province’s vaccination rate still falls short of 70% coverage, leading Chiang Mai to put its faith in the...
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    Phuket Police raid bars in Patong

    PHUKET: After bars in Patong had been selling alcohol to visitors for over a month, police have moved in to start charging venue operators for breach of the provincial order banning the sale of...
  8. Intoxicated Myanmar man stabbed in neck in Chonburi following verbal argument

    An intoxicated Myanmar man has sustained serious injuries after he was reportedly stabbed in the neck by an unidentified suspect who fled the scene of the incident.

    The Mueang Chonburi Police...
  9. Myanmar town bordering India sees exodus as thousands flee fighting

    About 10,000 people normally live in Thantlang in Chin State, but most had left to seek shelter in surrounding areas including some in India, a community leader said.

    Most of the population of a...
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    Wasn’t there a news report that stated online...

    Wasn’t there a news report that stated online alcohol sales were not permitted now?
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    ^ Yes. All good. Been a while, though.

    ^ Yes. All good. Been a while, though.
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    Sticky: Covid is officially America’s deadliest pandemic...

    Covid is officially America’s deadliest pandemic as U.S. fatalities surpass 1918 flu estimates

    Reported U.S. deaths due to Covid crossed 675,000, the estimated U.S. fatalities from the 1918 flu,...
  13. Thread: Daily Moan

    by misskit

    ^^ Thanks. Well, had to have an old root canal...

    ^^ Thanks.

    Well, had to have an old root canal taken out and was scared shitless about that. Turned out to be a big nothing. However, that little bit of plastic they gave me to fill the space is...
  14. Thread: Daily Moan

    by misskit

    Dental bone graft today. :scared:

    Dental bone graft today. :scared:
  15. Britain Names Third Russian Behind Skripal...

    Britain Names Third Russian Behind Skripal Poisoning

    British police on Tuesday said there was enough evidence to charge a third Russian man with the Novichok poisoning of former double agent...
  16. Former State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi Will Not Oppose Armed Rebellion in Myanmar

    Detained ex-State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi will not stand in the way of an armed rebellion against Myanmar’s junta, her legal team said Monday, as her trial on nearly a dozen charges resumed in...
  17. Lao Christians Formerly Evicted from Their Villages Still Wait For New Homes

    Five Lao Christian families evicted from their villages by local authorities are still waiting for new homes promised to them by higher government officials, who have ordered that new homes be built...
  18. Officials clarify Korat police van stopped at the...

    Officials clarify Korat police van stopped at the beach after collecting murder suspect

    Cops in the northeastern Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima, AKA Korat, recently came under fire,...
  19. Soldier attacks neighbor due to loud honking

    A soldier attacked a neighbor due to loud honking. The neighbor that works in a media company stated the man went into her home and strangled her before punching her husband. Piamsuk Bunruang 39 year...
  20. Thailand’s Finance Ministry Will Inject Additional Money into Economic System

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Thailand’s Finance Ministry will inject additional money into the economic system in the fourth quarter, to provide further stimulus to the flagging economy amid the prolonged...
  21. Thailand-Singapore QR payment system now live on Krungthai NEXT

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Krungthai Bank has opened new and convenient international money transfer and payment services using QR code between Thailand and Singapore. Customers of participating banks in both...
  22. Monsoon mayhem leaves homes in 16 provinces underwater

    Sixteen provinces have been hit by flash floods caused by heavy monsoon rain that has lashed Thailand since last week, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reported on Tuesday.

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    Telephone cable thief arrested

    PHUKET: A Phang Nga man has been arrested and brought to Phuket to face charges for stealing telephone and communications cables across the island and selling them for scrap near his home in Thai...
  24. Personal details of 106mn visitors to Thailand exposed online for 10 years

    THAILAND: Research by a leading cyber security firm has revealed that a database containing the personal information of 106 million international visitors to Thailand was left exposed online for a...
  25. Army sets up food kitchen for Rawai sea gypsies under lockdown

    PHUKET: The 4th Army Region of the Royal Thai Army set up a food kitchen at the Rawai Pier bridge yesterday (Sept 20) to provide food to the Rawai sea gypsy community that has been under enforced...
  26. Evergrande woes hit Japan's toilet,...

    Evergrande woes hit Japan's toilet, air-conditioner and paint manufacturers

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Concern that China Evergrande may default on its mountain of debt hit shares of toilet maker Toto and...
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    ^^ Reminds me years ago a friend and I were...

    ^^ Reminds me years ago a friend and I were singing along to her son’s Limp Bizkit CD in his car. He was impressed we knew the words. Not a clue did he have it was an old tune.
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    Sticky: ^And, they don’t take a hospital bed from some...

    ^And, they don’t take a hospital bed from some other poor soul in need of medical help.
  29. Dow futures tumble more than 500 points as the September slide intensifies

    U.S. stock futures began the week deeply in the red as investors continued to move to the sidelines in September amid several emerging risks for the market.

    Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial...
  30. Death Toll Lowered to 6 in Russian University Shooting

    At least six people have been killed and dozens injured after a student opened fire at a Russian university campus, authorities said Monday.

    Video published to social media shows students...
  31. Edible insect vending machine launched across Japan

    Foods with insect extracts and edible insects are being sold in vending machines across Japan.

    One such vending machine was installed in Miyaki Town, Saga Prefecture, western Japan on Tuesday....
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    FOREX-Evergrande jitters pull risk FX lower,...

    FOREX-Evergrande jitters pull risk FX lower, dollar gains on safety bid

    LONDON, Sept 20 (Reuters) - The offshore Chinese yuan skidded to three-week lows on Monday, dragging down other risk and...
  33. Batmen: Cambodian bat researchers try to track COVID-19 origins

    Researchers in northern Cambodia have been on a mission to collect samples from bats, as they try to understand the origins of the coronavirus pandemic by tracking down a very similar virus that had...
  34. Australian on Thai death row for smuggling half a tonne of crystal meth released

    An Australian man and his Thai wife sentenced to death for trafficking half a tonne of crystal methylamphetamine for the Hells Angels have been acquitted after four years in a Bangkok jail.

  35. Man sets fire to building and laughs it off

    A man reportedly set a residential building in Pathum Thani province on fire on Saturday and remained at the scene, laughing and smiling.

    The fire happened at 2am in Soi Prasit in Lam Luk Ka...
  37. Malaysian transgender icon, on the run from Shariah law, reportedly arrested in Bangk

    Malaysian transgender icon Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruz Zaman, better known as Nur Sajat, was reportedly arrested in Bangkok and out on bail, local reports said on Monday.

    Nur Sajat has been on the...
  38. Thai Customs Department Prepares to Reduce Duty on Alcoholic Beverages and Cigars

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Thailand’s Customs Department is preparing to reduce the duty charged on the import of alcoholic beverages and cigars by 50% for five years, in line with the government’s economic...
  39. Government Spokesman clarifies measures to...

    Government Spokesman clarifies measures to attract foreigners of high potential

    BANGKOK (NNT) - Last week, a meeting of cabinet ministers approved measures to attract foreigners to help stimulate...
  40. New barrier-free toll system trialled from October

    Thailand’s new barrier-free toll system will be trialled at Thap Chang 1-2 and Thanyaburi 1-2 toll plazas from October, the Land Traffic Management Commission said on Monday.

    The “M-Flow” system...
  41. 19 arrested at luxury villa as Rawai party busted

    PHUKET: Chalong Police have arrested 19 people, including Thais and foreigners, at a party at a luxury villa in Rawai for breach of COVID-prevention rules currently in force by holding an illegal...
  42. Costs of forced repeated tests threaten Canadian Sandbox holiday

    PHUKET: Confusion over what extra COVID tests required for Sandbox tourists to travel ‘freely’ to other Sandbox tourism locations has thrown an 11-week holiday by a retired Canadian couple into...
  43. Thai and foreign customers arrested for allegedly drinking alcohol and playing pool

    A group of Thai and foreign customers were arrested at a restaurant in the Bo Put Subdistrict of Koh Samui on Saturday, September 18th, after allegedly drinking alcoholic beverages, gambling, and...
  44. Four motorbikes stolen in the Pattaya area in one week, police warn local residents

    Pattaya area law enforcement has informed The Pattaya News that a total of four motorbikes have been stolen in the Banglamung area last week and advised local motorbike owners to be on the watch for...
  45. Thai startup receives go-ahead to sell fractions of properties

    BANGKOK — Thai fintech startup Fraction cleared its final regulatory hurdle and is on its way to helping property owners fractionalize their stakes in real estate, then sell the tiny pieces to small...
  46. I agree with you that US military money is better...

    I agree with you that US military money is better spent on other things. I’ve never figured out why playing tanks is more beneficial than playing trains or building roads. Perhaps that changes soon....
  47. Oh, please. There is no food shortage in America....

    Oh, please. There is no food shortage in America. If one cannot get something to eat they are either mentally or physically incapable of getting help.

    Not the case in NK.
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    Good luck with that. :rolleyes:

    Good luck with that. :rolleyes:
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    She’s done a great job. I’m impressed.

    She’s done a great job. I’m impressed.
  50. You have to wonder why so much destruction....

    You have to wonder why so much destruction. Perhaps the influential person didn’t win the bid and wrecked the whole business. Hope he and his minions end up in jail.
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