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    Pembrokeshire: Photographer captures beauty of national park Published

    Image caption,Newport, pictured here, is a small town and ancient port on Pembrokeshire's north coast

    By Nicola Bryan
    BBC News

    With its otters, puffins, castles, miles of golden sands and dark starry skies there can be few counties more photogenic than Pembrokeshire.

    Photographer Drew Buckley has spent his career capturing the varied landscapes and wildlife along Britain's only coastal national park and can't imagine living anywhere else.

    "It's one of those places that I think is deeply set in a lot of people's hearts," said Drew, who lives in Pembroke.

    "There's just so much to see around here... lots and lots of variety."

    Image caption,Drew's photograph of a seal at Marloes peninsula

    During the Covid lockdown when the area was closed to visitors, Drew realised many people who usually holiday in Pembrokeshire were missing it - so he decided to do something about it.

    He gave his followers on Twitter, now X, "their daily fill of Pembrokeshire" by posting a photo every day.

    His photos took in all parts of the 186-mile stretch that makes up Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, ranging from the bustling seaside resort of Tenby to lesser-known bays and coves.

    Soon people started suggesting he should turn it into a book - the result is Pembrokeshire: Discovering the Coast Path.

    Image caption,More than 38,000 Atlantic puffins visit Skomer to breed each year

    Pembrokeshire's wildlife

    For years, Drew has been
    capturing puffin breeding season on Skomer, an island off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

    Each March more than 38,000 Atlantic puffins begin to arrive on the 720-acre island to breed and leave towards the end of July.

    Image caption,Common dolphins off the west coast near Grassholm Island

    He also loves capturing the country's seals.

    "There are coves up on the north coast and this time of year there'll be seal pups there," he said.

    "Along the coast we tend to get quite a lot of kestrels and peregrines hunting a lot of the seabirds and the small birds.

    "Lately it's been quite good at Bosherston with the otters. Last winter they were really, really good to photograph - there was a little family down there with three cubs and they were pretty much like clockwork so you could see them every day."

    Image caption,Church Door Cove is small amphitheatre-shaped beach with a colossal door shaped archway that has been cut into the cliffs by the forces of the ocean

    Viewing the Milky Way

    The national park boasts eight nationally recognised Dark Sky Discovery Sites and several of Drew's night time images capture the milky way.

    "Night sky shots are all about the conditions and how clear it is," he said.

    "On the south coast all you're looking over is the sea towards Cornwall so there's no land there, there are no towns or or cities that are going to destroy the the seeing with light pollution."

    Some shots still take multiple attempts and the images in his book have been built up over a 10-year period.

    Image caption,St Davids Cathedral dates back to the 12th Century

    Castles and a cathedral

    The park is home to 286 scheduled ancient monuments, ranging from castles to burial chambers, hillforts and mills.

    "Pembroke Castle is one of the highlights on the route," said Drew.

    Image caption,Broad Haven South is a large expanse of sandy beach which stretches along a craggy coastline

    "It's such a fantastic big building... some days you just stop and look at it and you think 'well, that's pretty special'.

    "We're blessed to have so many castles in Pembrokeshire."

    Image caption,Solva is a harbour village in the heart of Pembrokeshire

    Pembrokeshire is also home to Britain's smallest city - St Davids.

    "The cathedral is unbelievable with the stained glass windows," said Drew.

    So where are his favourite places to photograph?

    Image caption,Ceibwr Bay is a tiny inlet of rocks and sand surrounded by tall cliffs

    "Tenby is a bit manic this time of year but you can be sometimes the only person on the beach for sunrise or near to the twilight," he said.

    "There's Whitesands on a windswept day or if you get the right conditions at Freshwater West it is just a magic place."

    Image caption,Druidston is a secluded long, sandy beach

    Despite the thousands of hours he must have spent photographing the coastline, it is clear he is still inspired by what he sees.

    "It's very privileged job," said Drew.

    "Living here, growing up here, I say the waves are in your soul."

    Image caption,Tenby, seen here at twilight, is a bustling seaside town and a popular spot for visiting families

    What is Pembrokeshire Coast National Park?

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is one of Wales' three national parks, the others being Eryri (also known as Snowdonia) and Bannau Brycheiniog (also known as the Brecon Beacons).

    The national park covers almost all the Pembrokeshire coast, every offshore island, the Daugleddau estuary and large areas of the Preseli Hills and the Gwaun Valley.

    Image caption,The rugged headland of Abereiddy

    Nowhere in the national park is more than 10 miles from the sea.

    It is ecologically one of the richest and most diverse parts of Wales and is recognised as of international importance for a wide range of high quality habitats and rare species.

    Pembrokeshire Coast Path was officially opened on 16 May 1970.

    Image caption,Freshwater West is a popular spot for surfers

    Drew's top spots for all-year round sunsets:

    • Freshwater West
    • Marloes Sands Beach
    • Newgale
    • Whitesands Beach

    Image caption,Landscape and wildlife photographer Drew Buckley has made a career photographing his local area

    Drew's top places for sunrise watching:

    • Freshwater East
    • Barafundle Bay
    • Broad Haven South
    • Amroth
    • Tenby

    Image caption,A church-shaped rock off Broad Haven beach is lit by the moon

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    Thanks lovely glimpse had a few nights there to and from Ireland

    Solva,Little Haven, the Dale peninsula and the Presceli Hills where it is believed the Stonehenge stones were hewed, rafted uo the Wiltshire Avon then rolled by Brythonic tuktuk or willing girls prodded on by randy druids.

    If you have not seen the excellent docu-drama the Pembrokeshire Murders a very well made 3 part Police procedural about the Solva murders , usual torrents or ITVX

    As in what is no longer PC, Little England beyond Wales the accents are not too strong unlike Gwynedd or western Powys

    No Spoilers will mar this very grim insight into evil and how more recent tech may revolutionize unsolved crimes as in equally good Nicola Walker dramas good Unforgotten (5 series) and now Anikka set on Clyde

    The Pembrokeshire Murders - Wikipedia

    Annika (2021 TV series) - Wikipedia

    Unforgotten - Wikipedia
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