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    Bus lane camera mistakes woman's sweater for number plate

    Image caption,Paula and Dave Knight said they thought it was a joke when they received the fine
    A couple were sent a fine for driving in a bus lane when a camera mistook a word on a woman's clothing for their number plate.

    Dave and Paula Knight, from Surrey, received the fine for driving in a bus lane in Bath despite not being in the city at the time.

    A camera had registered the word 'knitter' on a pedestrian's clothing as Mr Knight's number plate KN19 TER.

    "We thought one of our friends was stitching us up," said Mrs Knight.

    Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) confirmed the fine had been cancelled.

    Image caption,Mrs Knight bought her husband the personalised number plate, which is meant to read as his nickname 'Knighter', for his birthday
    Mr Knight said they planned to frame the notice and put it on the mantelpiece.

    "I was looking for my vehicle in it [the picture] and thinking to myself have I been to Bath?

    "The poor lady walking down the bus lane has got a top on very similar to my number plate but her handbag is blocking one of the letters out so it assumed it was my number plate," he said.

    Mrs Knight said she thought it was a joke but when none of their friends came forward, they contacted the council.

    "When we looked at the photo it was of a lady with 'knitter' on her sweatshirt and KN19 TER is my husband's number plate.

    "I think it's bizarre and very funny, this poor lady has been changed over into a vehicle rather than a person overnight, " she said.

    Mrs Knight said when she contacted the council, they initially told her the fine would need to be paid but when the staff member looked at the image she "burst out laughing".

    Image caption,The automated bus lane camera in Bath mistakenly registered the word knitter on the woman's sweatshirt as Mr Knight's number plate
    "I'm a bit worried about going to Bath again now. I don't know if we'll take the van, we might take the train," she added.

    BANES cabinet member for transport Manda Rigby said she was pleased that Mr and Mrs Knight had seen the funny side and that it had given the team "a few giggles".

    "The camera picked up the logo and thought it was a number plate. It doesn't happen often and when we went back to look the fine was cancelled immediately.

    "It did give us a smile particularly because Mr and Mrs Knight took it so well," she said.

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    Hat n Feather for fessing up, Aqua Sulis all round, for the young and feckless.

    I can personally gaurantee the "ladies " of Bath are especially flexible, something in the water esp after a skinful at the Brain Surgery Larkhall or Moles Club former haunt of Jean-Jaques Burnel, Jenny Agutter and a certain Jean de Gomme the notorious rug dealer of Walton Antiques.

    A fine city proof of what the Romans did for English , however despite the clue in the name BATH never really caught on among the soap dodgers.

    For those who recall Dave Evans (not the intersex Okker off ACDC) he often played, little known outside the cder belt he was teh scumpy artistes Roy Harper or Tom Waits.

    Dave Evans, Forgotten Great Of The '70s British Folk Scene, Deserves A Listen : All Songs Considered : NPR

    Those of us at Barrow Gurney actually saw the Purple Spaceship over Yatton (the micordots helped!!)

    and talented cheeky bastard Al Stewart, who shagged my sis, Massive Attack and many fine Bristol/West Country Acts.
    It was nearby that Eddie Cochran signed orf

    Margerine promotion novelty act also axed on teh A4


    Now illegal riding birds was my youtful fixation too.

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    comes across as an angry Frank Spencer.
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    I have a genius level IQ

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