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    ^heh. There's no covid visa amnesty. Lots of Chinese ppl will be deported because they overstayed their visa. It's in the news section, but here's another link.

    Philippines to expel thousands of Chinese nationals amid immigration scandal | South China Morning Post

    Good luck on your 13A visa application. From the vlogger's description, it seemed pretty straightforward, just submit all documents asked for. Since you're in the province, maybe it will be faater - fewer applicants (?).

    Congrats on your new apartment! I hope the conditions are better. You have a genset & will be able to work from home - cool!

    Btw, if you're tired of paying high rent (you said that new apt costs more), you could look into foreclosed units which were financed through banks or PAG-IBIG fund (HDMF/ Housing Development Mutual Fund - it's like Sally Mae or Freddie Mac in the USA). I know of some subdivision units here (whether detached house or rowhouse unit) wherein the owners gave up on it because they couldn't afford the monthly payments. If your wife worked before, she probably was a member of HDMF and she would have to reactivate her membership.

    Btw, there are 2 storms coming - one is a potential supertyphoon which will affect Luzon. The 2nd is projected to affect Visayas / Mindanao + maybe south Luzon (based on satellite pics).

    Signals 3 and 4 may be raised due to potential 'super typhoon' Rolly | Inquirer News

    Cheers and all the best to you & yours.

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    Thanks again Katie,

    Rolly has made it's presence known the last couple of days, it's been pretty stormy here, but we're in the rain bands I think....we'll get an hour or two of clear skies, then it will storm for a while, then clear again, repeat as needed.

    Our problem with housing is that we need furniture/internet/electricity in order for me to work from home.

    What really has gotten my attention through the last couple of typhoons is how rock steady both the electricity and internet has been. I guess it only goes out when the weather is perfect.

    We're going to visit immigration very soon to see what my options are...

    Take care and be safe Katie!
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