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    Pattaya Koh Larn Under Sea Clean-up begins

    Under Sea Clean-up begins at Larn Island.

    We made our way to Larn Island on Saturday Morning, which is located 4kms off the coast of Pattaya, as Pattaya City hall in association with the Marine Dive Company organized an Underwater Clean-up. This is the 9th Year this event has taken place and prepares the waters around Larn Island for the forthcoming High Season. After the formalities were over and done with and a number of certificates of appreciation were presented, the divers went to work and begun the clean-up operation which is expected to take around one week.

    Pattaya City News

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    How many dead farangs do they find on average?

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    Koh Larn fortunately, as the most tourist visited island, isn't as filthy as some of the other islands that have beaches. Some of the shop owners there seem to at least help in cleaning the beach; the underwater areas near the tourist center are also not as littered with trash as other areas in the Bay.
    I've only been on a few dives in Pattaya Bay and the Sattahip area....never again. It has amongst the worst water conditions (only fair visibility) I've experienced...especially for a tropical area. On each dive I was dismayed
    with the amount of bags, bottles, cans and pieces rope and nets that can be found on the seabed. 'Tis a shame.
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    sound great

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