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    Thanks for sharing PH, it's a dream of mine to visit there one day.

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    Way, Way South of the border now - thank God!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bettyboo View Post
    I'm feeling jealous; what a fantastic trip with your family...
    It really was . . . and so very different in many ways. Ys, there was the water, the beaches, the mountains . . . yet it was so different.

    Quote Originally Posted by Topper View Post
    Thanks for sharing PH, it's a dream of mine to visit there one day.
    Pleasure, Topper - I can only recommend the place. As I said, no complaints at all (except maybe the prices at times) - simply wonderful.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrWilly View Post
    A timely article.

    Moorea is an island paradise better than Bora Bora |
    Nice . . . and the pictures simply rally show what the pace is like, from the article:

    As our cruise ship anchored in the harbour, I pulled back the curtain waiting to discover what new tropical world I would be discovering today.Making my way to the top deck of Norwegian Spirit, I gazed into the sunrise where I was greeted by eight voluminous mountain peaks rising from the translucent blue lagoon. Standing there next to my Kiwi friends, I turned and said “Oh wow, do you know what this reminds me of?”
    Without hesitation, simultaneously our voices described what was before our eyes: “This is a tropical Milford Sound!”
    Only this wasn’t New Zealand’s South Island. It was French Polynesia’s Moorea - a geographical marvel with contrasting green-lush mountain tops and blue lagoons full of inquisitive sea creatures and beaches better than advertised on TV.

    . . . and again, the food.

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