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    Baan Dam

    Continuing on my Northern Thailand mini-vacation/tourist excursion on Tuesday Jan 28 we visited Chiang Rai’s Baan Dam or The Black House by Thawan Duchanee, painter and sculptor. Duchanee is/was considered to be a world-renowned artist. His macabre style generated serious discontent and many protests. Thawan Duchanee 1939-2014 passed at 75 yo of liver failure caused by hypertension and diabetes.

    Baan Dam consists of about 40 buildings housing his “artwork”. I would consider it a must-see site for adults. I certainly wouldn’t bring an impressionable young child there – far too many “borderline” questions would be raised. I enjoyed the visit. This guy is controversial and eccentric to say the least. Has great bends on sex, death, crocodiles and buffalos. This man definitely marched to the beat of a different drummer.

    The site is fascinating. Leave the kids home.

    The Baandam Museum
    Baan Dam-img_2590-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2593-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2599-jpg

    main building entrance
    Baan Dam-img_2606-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2608-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2613-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2615-jpg

    buffalo horn chair
    Baan Dam-img_2618-jpg

    another croc
    Baan Dam-img_2620-jpg

    Sculpture ?
    Baan Dam-img_2621-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Baan Dam-img_2590-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2593-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2599-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2606-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2608-jpg  

    Baan Dam-img_2613-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2615-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2618-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2620-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2621-jpg  

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    Baan Dam-img_2627-jpg

    another croc skin
    Baan Dam-img_2628-jpg

    let's not forget the snakes
    Baan Dam-img_2629-jpg

    rock sculptures
    Baan Dam-img_2632-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2634-jpg

    Toilet Art
    Baan Dam-img_2640-jpg

    buffalao horn chair
    Baan Dam-img_2644-jpg

    spare organ art
    Baan Dam-img_2652-jpg

    That's Him
    Baan Dam-img_2655-jpg

    He likes dead stuff
    Baan Dam-img_2661-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Baan Dam-img_2628-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2627-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2629-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2632-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2634-jpg  

    Baan Dam-img_2640-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2644-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2652-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2655-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2661-jpg  

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    Gotta take a leak - this way
    Baan Dam-img_2662-jpg

    Mine's bigger than yours
    Baan Dam-img_2663-jpg

    More dead stuff
    Baan Dam-img_2673-jpg

    yup- even more dead stuff
    Baan Dam-img_2679-jpg

    smile for the camera
    Baan Dam-img_2687-jpg

    Baan Dam-img_2689-jpg

    Rock Art
    Baan Dam-img_2713-jpg

    functional? - yup
    Baan Dam-img_2717-jpg

    table and chairs
    Baan Dam-img_2719-jpg
    Baan Dam-img_2732-jpg

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Baan Dam-img_2673-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2663-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2662-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2679-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2687-jpg  

    Baan Dam-img_2689-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2713-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2717-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2719-jpg   Baan Dam-img_2732-jpg  

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