Roi Et - Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkhon

Roi Et Province

This large pagoda enshrining the relic of the Lord Buddha is situated in Wat Pha Nam Thip.

Floors inside the chedi including:
Floor 1: The large hall for multi-purpose use and meetings.
Floor 2: The ‘Sala’ for assembly of the monks. The pictures on the walls depict the life of the Lord Buddha.
Floor 3: The Ubosot, which houses a collection of 101 life-like marble images of highly-respected monks of the Northeast and models of monks who have practiced well.
Floor 4: Museum.
Floor 5: Winding staircase of 119 steps leading to the bell-shaped hall where the Buddha’s relics are enshrined.

To get there: Take the Roi Et – Phon Thong – Nong Phok route. It is about 80 km. from Roi Et, along Highway Nos. 2044 and 2136.