Surin Prasat Sikhoraphum


Locally called Prasat Ra Ngaeng this Khmer ruin consists of 1 principal tower, or prang, and 4 smaller towers at each corner, on the same laterite platform, surroumded by a moat. The edifice face east, with a balustrade leading to a single portal, suggesting the influence of Khmer’s Bapuan (1007 - 1107) and Angkor Wat (1107 - 1157) styles. This edifice was probably constructed in mid - 11th century to worship Hindu God Shiva, and modified in the 16th century into a Buddhist temple. Prasat Sikhoraphum opens daily, from 07.30 am. - 06.00 pm.. Entrance fee is 10 baht for Thais and 30 baht for foreigners.