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    RIP John Buttersworth (UK citizen)

    Born and bred in England John went on to become a biology teacher after Uni.
    He eventually moved to Portugal to take a higher position in academics.
    Afterwards he moved to Surin where and his Thai wife Mam recently celebrated their 14th anniversary.
    He stayed physically active playing tennis and swimming. John was an articulate gentleman and was well regarded as a kind and considerate family man.
    After a two-year battle with cancer he passed away at age 68.
    Sincere condolences to his wife and her family , his family in England and his close friends near and far.
    RIP eternally.

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    Here locally we have had two husbands who have passed away from cancer.
    Their widows are young enough to remarry.

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    Always feel a little sad when one of the local expats passes on. Nice of you to make it known and makes me feel worse for keeping quiet when it happens. I'm talking in general terms, not knowing this guy myself...

    RIP John and hope you had a great time on earth...

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    Another timely reminder to enjoy our lives and appreciate every day and not worry about the small peripheral issues they are just little speed bumps on life's journey. RIP John Buttersworth. Hope you had joy in your life and gave joy in return.

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