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    Hotels right on the Mekong river

    5 yrs ago we travelled past Ubon R and camped near the Thai / Laos border. We drove around and found a hotel with smart bungalows which had views of the Mekong. Unfortunately we didn't keep the name of that place.

    Can you recommend names of any hotels on the Mekong in the area that has closest proximity to Ubon R.


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    There are several hotels in and around Khong Jiam on the Mekhong, where it intersects with the Mun River (which flows through Ubon).
    Upmarket- The Tohsang Resort
    Midrange- there are some Swiss style wooden chalets on the waterfront promenade which can be rented- sorry don't know their name
    Budget- the Khong Jiam Resort is right at the intersection of the Mun & Mekhong, rooms 700 bht last I knew.

    There are a few more around the town- you can probably just turn up there and wing it, but if you want the upmarket Tohsang, suggest booking in advance and getting a package. Hope this helps.

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