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    Canadian Expat Pension Advice

    Canadian Expat Pension Advice

    Seeking some Canadian expat advice here. I am looking into different Canada options once I retire fully in Canada and understand the Canadian CPP / OAS / GIS rules etc., pretty much. I also understand the rules for getting a Non-Immigrant O-Long Stay Visa (or Retirement Visa) in Thailand. But, I am weighing either to split 6 months each between Thailand/Canada or staying fully year-round in Thailand, although I understand I would not receive my full pensions / amounts specifically if doing so.
    For staying in Thailand year-round, from what I've gathered, you might not be able to retain a Canadian address / postal address to retain your full pensions being sent / deposited to? And so, I guess I am asking if this is correct, and if so, wondering if there was another way to do this? (getting my full pensions while in Thailand year-round) I have looked into this for a while and getting conflicting answers and so wanted to get some first-hand advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe Canada Pension takes 25% of CPP if residence is Thailand.

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