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Thread: Tesla Model 3

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    There is something that confuses me. Tesla is moving away from pressing sheet metal in form and welding them to subassemblies. They plan to die cast whole subassemblies, the whole front part and the whole backpart in one piece, using the largest die cast presses worldwide. They are installing 8 of those monsters in the coming factory in Germany.

    I never thought this could be efficient.
    "don't attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takeovers View Post
    Tell me you are kidding.
    it's 'pseudoscience'.

    too easy, i know...but still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takeovers View Post
    Tell me you are kidding. That would be a perpetual motion machine. You need to put that energy in to split the water.
    Ignoring that waster ajarn know nothing GayRay

    The failing of Hydrogen is, as you point out, the amount of energy required to get it and store it. The aim for the industry, using catalysts mostly, is to get the same or more energy from the actual process of getting the Hydrogen. The other issue is the flash point of converting liquid hydrogen into the temperature that is required for it to be used effectively. Basically I am agreeing with you.

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