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  1. Hi, just a quick note to tell you that I have already read and replied your mail posted on your thread answering mine a few days ago, twice, but they have not been uploaded for you to see. That happens a lot?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am a true fan of Gerry Anderson's as well but it's for Thunderbirds. Stingray came here when I was very young (Oh, by the way, I am a Thai). I watched it but did not get hooked until Thunderbirds came. Then followed by Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and the Secret Service before the thread was cut from Thailand. Back then, we had only B&W tv so, I just had a chance to watch these programs in color many many years later when I had a chance to go to England and bought the DVDs at Forbidden Planet. Compact discs were not born back then.
  3. Hi, I just found your reply. Thanks. I thought yours might be in my mailbox something.

    This website is kind of very complicated I say.

    So, I still can't join your Thread. I have a question to ask. It's about a strange looking flying insect. Since I am not be able to show you the photo, so don't know by which way to show you.

    By the way, you are a fan of Gerry Anderson's? That's Troy Tempest commanding Stingray.
  4. Hello, may I ask from where did you choose your photos to post them on your thread? I want to join your thread (butterflies) but when I try to post a photo, the small black window allows me to choose it from the Url which I don't have one. I have stored all of my photos in my computer. So, how did you do it?


    nathanielnong (
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