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  1. (Repeated; not sure if that original one reaches you... confusing format...)

    Hi, glad to hear from you! I'm fine here. The covid here is never slow but I hardly go out. I'm fine within my peaceful house... creating articles!

    See ya...
  2. Hello Nathaniel . . . yes, I'm still here - work has picked up and with the time differences it takes its toll a bit.

    How are you? Has covid affected you or your family in any way?

    Thank you again for your thread - it's ever so interesting

    Thank you for checking in

  3. Are you there? Haven't heard from you for so long!
  4. You're the best of all! Thanksssssssssss....
  5. Great information! Thanks for sharing...

    Haven't heard from you for a while.
  6. Thank you and wishing you a happy new year!
  7. Thank you so much. Haven't heard from you for quite a while...
  8. Lots of thanks!
  9. Thanks to you too!
  10. Thanks to you too!
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