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  1. Hi Amina, thanks for the message. My wife and I would be delighted to meet with you when you're next in Nan. We are just to the east of Pua on road #1371 that links #1256 (Pua-Bo Kluea) and #1081 (Pua-Santisuk). (Note the road is incorrectly marked as #1256 in both Google and Apple Maps.) My wife is a Thai ex-nurse. Been together for more than ten years now and lived and me worked in Singapore, Dubai, Brisbane, Phoenix and now basically retired in Thailand.

    Not sure which thread you may have seen. My two major threads are Buildings our Retirement Home in Nan and Greenscaping our Retirement Home in Nan. Very much enjoyed blogging and it would seem you and many others enjoyed as well. We've just opened a homestay and if you are interested you can view our FB page at Pua Tranquil Vista Homestay.

    Do keep in touch regarding your next visit.

    Kind regards,
  2. BoganInParasite: Stumbled across your TD posting, and really enjoy reading your stories. It appears you must reside somewhere north of Nan city and Pua (perhaps Tha Wang Pha?), way up north in Nan province. I myself was born in Na Noi, but now reside in St. Peters, MO, in USA. My husband is former USAF and was stationed at Takhli RTAFB in Thailand during the Vietnam War, when I followed him to Germany where we got married in 1968. If you are interested, and if you like, perhaps we can arrange a get-together next time I come and visit my family in Nan/Na Noi?
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