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  1. No, sadly I had to leave because of jealousy just at 32 years ago. My partner and I who was a son of the Somwong family took it from little beachfront shacks to nice little ensuite bungalows and developed the gardens. After I left the son Thanonsak "Pae" developed it into the beautiful resort it is now. I set up the layout and got the restaurant up and running full steam. Thanks for providing what you do Nong. Glad you stopped the part about the shooting of Ananda. This is a super touchy subject. Choke dee Nong and keep it up.. Pae opened a new Princess Paradise on Koh Phangan just as Covid hit. Hard times for all the southern islands right now with Covid.
  2. Thanks for your message. I get your point. I am quite naive with people. Maybe too much optimistic.

    I checked your website. You have owned all of those? Wow, what a beautiful resort. Have you ever welcomed people from 'Teakdoor'?
  3. Nong, anything Klondyke posts about Thailand, building, pools, etc it is okay. But when he goes into politics there are big problems. He can usually use his English fine, but I could not make that one out. I never understand what he is saying in politics, just that he is trying to make problems. Its an open forum so you get all kinds of people. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, left at 12 for Marin County California, just across the GG bridge from SF. I have been here for 33 years, but first came about 43 years ago. Had a restaurant and bungalows on Samui. Now known as Samui Paradise Chaweng beach resort & spa, Koh samui thailand.
  4. Hi, I'm Nong! Just a quick note to tell you that K. Klondyke is a very, very nice guy. He was born in Czechoslovakia and furthered his education in Switzerland. He has never had experiences in any English communication countries. So, his English skill is not very good (yet better than me!).

    This is classified! Please keep this information between us.

  5. Thank you so much!
  6. Thanks!
  7. You're welcome...
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