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    Quote Originally Posted by spikebs4
    i think it all depends what part of thailand your in
    Quote Originally Posted by somtamslap
    ..and what you're using it for..calling, sms, interne

    AIS are probably the best for calls; but expensive and sneaky fukers.

    True are probably best for 3G and internet services, but expensive and sneaky fukers.

    I've got a short term pay as you go DTAC 3g/phone package for one month. I'm in Bangkok, it's pretty good. Though, they're sneaky cheating fukers, imo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
    ^ All 3 of them have cheap international dialling, probaly via V.O.I.P

    Dial 006 before your number for True which is only 3 baht a minute to the States and 21 other destinations
    009 with AIS

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    Has anyone tried the 4G on True yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spikebs4 View Post
    i think it all depends what part of thailand your in..where i live dtac is shite ...
    Very true where we live (55klm north Nakhon Sawan) apart from "True" (which signal is rubbish) there is not a lot to choose between any of them They all have their weak signal spots but generally no problem. Used to use 'One To Call' (AIS) for first three years in Thailand no problems until they started to get greedy, not on call costs, but on 'top-up charges'. After three months of complaining re this to them and receiving answers like "it's up to you whether you quit or not" I gave up and switched to DTAC this was about four years ago. To date no problems top ups are good for one year (not one month like AIS) so you only get a THB30 charge for service every twelve months. Also on my travels all over Thailand never experience reception problems except in the hills west of Tac.
    In our area True are putting up loads of notices about their '3G' services, not really interested as apart from saying Hello and texting all these other services do not interest me so 2G suites me fine. Son in-law visited last month with all his technical gismo's could not detect any 3G signal in our area at all. Also they are trying to sell their internet connections must only available by 'mobile phone' reception (usually not very fast) as only five of us in the village and the surrounding area have TOT land lines. Incidentally TOT internet speeds generally reliable and fast enough to watch movies and receive BBC world service on the internet.
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    I'm getting an AIS prepaid 3G card for a friend who is here for 3 months. The reason I am choosing AIS, in case somebody wonders, is because her phone does not support 3G on the 850 band, which rules out TRUE and DTAC.

    As far as I can make out from this AIS internet plans link: 3G , the longest duration available is 30 days, for which 4 GB costs 799 baht.

    My question is, does anybody here happen to know whether the 4 GB are transferred past those 30 days if you top up the card before 30 days have passed, or do you actually need to pay 799 baht every month to get your new 4 GB?
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    it wont carry over, use it or lose it

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    When in Bangkok I always use DTAC.

    The reception is good and it is relatively cheap to call overseas.

    Plus they offer a free translation service - which is a Godsend for a newbie like me.

    Over Christmas my g/f was using an AIS sim. She felt that the credit seemed to evaporate pretty quickly and we found it difficult to find top-ups (unlike DTAC which seems to have a lot more vendors on board).

    True seems popular but isn't as English-language friendly as the others.

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