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    university entry in Thailand

    There's been a lot of publicity recently about the complete stuff-up that the Thai educational (government and bureaucratic) authorities have made of the implementation of the new O- and A-net examinations (I think that the authorities should be subjected to public whippings by any students who have suffered emotional and/or mental trauma over the last few weeks due to the incompetence of both politicians and bureaucrats responsible for this implementation - token resignations, entering the monkhood or "promotion" to another position seem too mild).

    These exams are very important for the students as they are a means of entry to the university system. But I was not aware that students also had to submit themselves to a medical check-up to enter universities in Thailand. When I enquired of a prospective student what the medical check-up involved, she informed me that it covered standard procedures such as blood pressure, etc. She also said that the medical authorities check their HIV status and added that anyone found to be HIV positive was not allowed to proceed with their entry application.

    I'm aware that Thailand is not as PC as Western countries in regard to discrimination, but I find it difficult to understand the HIV situation, if it is correct. Does anyone have any information to verify or reject this situation?


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    havent heard but would surprise me - outrageous tho.

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